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Nicola McLean and Jamie O'Hara shock Celebrity Big Brother viewers with flirtatious behaviour

Nicola is married to former footballer Tom Williams

Things appear to be hotting up for one unexpected pair of Celebrity Big Brother housemates - Jamie O’Hara and Nicola McLean have been getting very flirtatious despite Nicola being married.

The contestants had been given some alcohol by producers and model Nicola was soon seen getting close to footballer Jamie.

Nicola has been flirting with Jamie despite being married to Tom Williams

Nicola, whose husband is former footballer Tom Williams, admitted she’d had a bit too much to drink and ordered Jamie to keep an eye on her, saying: “Look after me. I’m a lunatic but it doesn’t need to happen right now.”

Jamie replied: “You know I’ve got your back. A hundred per cent. A million per cent. You know I’ve got your back. I think you’re amazing. I love you.”

The pair then cuddled which fellow contender Calum Best saw as an appropriate moment to encourage Jamie to kiss Nicola.

Jamie confessed his love for Nicola in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Getty Images)

But viewers weren’t thinking along the same lines as Calum, with many expressing their shock.

One viewer tweeted: “I honestly don’t understand what’s happening between Jamie and Nicola. Wtf? Lol #CBB.”

Another wrote: “OMG! Noooooo, Nicola stop. What are you doing? #CBBNicola #CBB.”

Nicola with husband Tom Williams and their children Striker and Rocky (Getty Images)

And someone else remarked: “Why was Jamie doing all of that and he knows Nicola is married, claiming her husband is his mate? #CBB.”

Nicola and her husband Tom have had their ups and downs in the outside world - the glamour model gave the sportsman a second chance after he cheated on her in a Las Vegas nightclub after five years together.

The pair, who have two children together, got back together in 2015 after Nicola took some time to think.

Jamie is now single after his split from Danielle Lloyd (Getty Images)

A source told Closer at the time: “Tom bent over backwards to win Nicola back. He begged her to forgive him and over time she caved in.”

But are things as rosy as they seem for the couple?

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