14 brilliant baby shower games

Fun games to plan if you're throwing a baby shower

Originally an American phenomenon, baby showers are getting more popular in the UK we see pictures of fun celebrity baby showers, and mums-to-be realise it's an excellent chance to spend some time with girlfriends before the baby arrives.

If you're throwing a baby shower make sure you read our list of top baby shower games to get the party started!

Baby shower game name: Don't Say Baby

How to play From the moment people walk in the door, the word 'baby' is forbidden. And believe us, this is a lot harder than it sounds. Pin a badge onto everyone's shirt and, if anyone hears someone saying the word 'baby', they can steal the badge and wear it themselves. At the end of the day, the person with the most badges wins a prize. Or just the glory of winning.

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Baby shower game name: Play-Doh Babies

How to play: Prety self explanatory - give everyone a few different colored blobs of Play Doh, then they have 15 minutes create the least terrifying/weird play doh baby they can. For more fun, lay out some pencils, plastic knives and toys that'll help them get creative. The mum-to-be selects the winner.

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Baby shower game name: Guess the Baby


How to play: On the baby shower invitations, tell guests they need to bring a photo of themselves as babies. As each person arrives, assign a number to each picture and tack it to a board. Then guests guess which picture corresponds to whom - and the person who guesses most correctly wins.

Baby shower game name: Nappy Notes

How to play: Buy a huge box of nappies and have guests write funny quotes, words of encouragement, inside jokes etc on the back of the nappies in permanent marker, as that won't bleed through and get on the baby's bottom.

When the new parents are up at 4am changing their newborn, seeing a nice note of encouragement or a silly drawing from their friend might make it a little more fun.

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Baby shower game name: Mum and Dad

How to play: Sort of like His n Hers at hen parties, but a baby version. Ask the parents for answers to twenty questions - making sure they don't hear each others' answers - bring both into the room and get them to guess what the other said.

Some good questions include, "Where were you when you heard the news?" "Do you want a girl or boy?" and "If you could have your way, what would you want your child to be when he or she grows up?"

Baby shower game name: Babygrows Decoration

How to play: Buy a big pack of white babygrows (they'll sure need them!) and some fabric paint or markers and have guests go at it. For some extra inspiration, provide stencils and details about the nursery so guests can match the theme. The only thing better than celebrating someone you love is thinking about that adorable baby that'll be rockin' the babygrow you made for him!

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Baby shower game name: Baby Artists

How to play: Pass out cards and markers to all of your guests. Get them to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like - but they have to draw with the card on their forehead as everyone watches (and tries not to die laughing). It's a simple one, but SO funny.

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Baby shower game name: ABC Blocks

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How to play: Useful and fun - buy a pack of blank wooden blocks from your local craft shop and get guests to decorate blocks with different letters of the alphabet with coloured sharpies. Not only is this a good laugh (the less arty someone is, the funnier), it makes the perfect present for when the baby is old enough to play with them. A customised set of blocks is loads better than any shop-illustrated, mass-produced version!

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Baby shower game name: Nappy Race

How to play: Divide guests into teams and hand each team a roll of toilet paper. Give them five minutes to wrap a team member up in a mock nappy. The team with the most creatively nappied 'baby' wins (with the mum-to-be judging, obviously). Just make sure everyone remembers to remove their nappies before they leave the house...

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Baby shower game name: Water's Broke

How to play: The night before, freeze a load of ice cubes with tiny plastic babies in the center (you can buy them in craft shops). When everyone arrives, drop an ice cube into a cup of water and hand it to them. The babies will all start melting out of their ice cubes, and the first guest to shout 'MY WATER BROKE!' wins. For added fun, of course, you can put the ice cube in some Sauvignon Blanc or Cava. Just a suggestion.

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Baby shower game name: Baby Price is Right

How to play: Pretty much the same as the gameshow, but with useful things a mum-to-be might need, plus, it acts as a present too! First, buy 10 to 12 baby items. Use blank note cards to write the price of each item on one side, and put the item itself on the other. Gather guests together and play it just like the TV show: each person must guess the price of the items on the cards, and the guest with the highest total (without going over) wins. Best of all, the parents-to-be get to keep the handy baby items used for the game.

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Baby shower game name: Alphabet Baby Book


How to play: Print out ABC colouring sheets and set out crayons or markers. During the shower, ask everyone to grab one or two letters, colour in the picture and write a nice note. Once everyone is finished, you can have the book laminated and bound and it'll be baby's first book!

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Baby shower game name: Feed The Baby

How to play: This is messy, but loads of fun. Give each person a bib and divide the party into teams of two. Each team is given a jar of applesauce, or nutella, or jam, or peanut butter, and two teaspoons. One team at a time, blindfold the pair and have the team members feed the applesauce to one another at the same time. Clock each team's time. The fastest duo to finish their applesauce wins. Warning: you might want to keep some kitchen roll to hand for spillages/dribbling.

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Baby shower game name: Nappy Raffle

How to play: Include a note with your baby shower invitations telling guests know you'll be raffling off a prize at the shower. All they have to do to get a raffle ticket is to bring a pack of nappies with them, and the more nappies they bring, the more raffle tickets they get! Sort out a super-cool prize and, after the party, the parents-to-be will be left with loads of nappies. The perfect, and most practical, present ever!

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