50 CRACKING Christmas baby names and their meanings

Expecting a baby boy or girl this Christmas? You have to check out these unusual festive names!

Tis the season to be jolly - and there’s even better cause to be merry (and bright) this Christmas if you are welcoming a beautiful baby boy or girl.

So why not celebrate by paying tribute to the festive season with one of these gorgeously unusual Christmas baby names?

Whether you’re having a son or a daughter, we’re confident that we have just the moniker for you.

Check it out…


1. Angelica

Meaning: "angel or angelic"

2. Angel

Meaning: "angel or angelic"

3. Astra

Meaning: “star”

4. Belle

Meaning: “beautiful"

5. Bianca

Meaning: “white”

6. Candy

Meaning: “dazzling white”

7. Carol

Meaning: “free man”

8. Christabel

Meaning: “fair Christian”

9. Clara

Meaning: “bright, clear”

10. Eve

Meaning: “lively and entertaining”

11. Gabrielle

Meaning: "hero of god"

12. Gwendolen / Gwen

Meaning: "white, fair, blessed”

13. Hoshi

Meaning: “star”

14. Ivy

Meaning: “faithfulness”

15. Juniper

Meaning: “of the winter tree”

16. Lucia

Meaning: “bright light”

17. Mary

Meaning: “wished for child”

18. Merry

Meaning: “guardian of the sea”

19. Natasha

Meaning: “born at Christmas”

20. Neve

Meaning: “snow”

21. Noelle

Meaning: “the Christmas festival”

22. Robin

Meaning: “famed, bright, and shining”

23. Seren

Meaning: “shooting star”

24. Virginia

Meaning: “maid, virgin”

25. Winter

Meaning: “of the season”

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1. Angel

Meaning: "angel or angelic"

2. Aster

Meaning: “star”

3. Aubin

Meaning: “white, blonde”

4. Balthasar

Meaning: "God protects the king"

5. Berry

Meaning: “of nature”

6. Christian

Meaning: “follower of Christ”

7. Cole

Meaning: “coal black”

8. Douglas

Meaning: “strength, courage”

9. Jack

Meaning: “God is gracious”

10. Jasper

Meaning: “bringer of treasure”

11. Lumi

Meaning: “snow”

12. Melchior

Meaning: “city of the king”

13. Nicholas

Meaning: “people’s victory”

14. Noël

Meaning: “Christmas”

15. Olwen

Meaning: “white footprint”

16. Pax

Meaning: “peaceful”

17. Pine

Meaning: “of the tree”

18. Quilo

Meaning: “of the North Wind”

19. Robin

Meaning: “famed, shining”

20. Rory

Meaning: “red king”

21. Rudolph

Meaning: “famous wolf”

22. Snow

Meaning: “of the snow”

23. Theodore / Teddy

Meaning: "gift of God"

24. Whittaker

Meaning: "white field"

25. Yukio

Meaning: “snow”

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