This amazing tape turns ANYTHING into Lego!

If you or your kids are into Lego (and let's be honest, who isn't?), then Nimuno Loops' new Toy Block Tape - which basically turns anything and everything into Lego! - is going to be right up your street!

It's the invention we didn't know we couldn't live without; a company called Nimuno Loops have created a tape which turns anything and everything into Lego!

The plastic adhesive tape - which will come in red and blue to start with - is sticky on one side, with Lego 'bumps' (we're sure there's a technical name for them, but we just don't know it!) on the other.

The tape turns anythin into Lego! (Credit: Nimuno Loops)

Simple yet totally ingenious - as all the best innovations are!

Talking about their Toy Block Tape on their IndieGoGo crowdfuding page (don't worry, they've already smashed their $800 target!), Nimuno Loops explain: "Imagine being able to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto the sides of that sailing ship you've just spent hours building.

The tape will provide hours of fun (Credit: Nimuno Loops)

"You forgot to engineer a point of attachment for that sweet dinosaur-smashing cannon? No problem. Snip a length of Nimuno Loops, stick it on the hull, mount your cannon and be on yarr way."

And the tape isn't just compatible with Lego. Nimuno Loops explain: "Compatible with LEGO® Blocks, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems. A whole new universe of possibilities when constructing with Nimuno Loops!"

It's super-flexible and can be stuck anywhere (Credit: Nimuno Loops)

So, we know what you're wondering; how can you get your hands on some of this wonderous tape?

Well, for now, the only way to get it is to sponsor the launch through IndieGoGo. For just $11 (around £9) you will get two rolls of tape, and it should be with you around July.

Playing with building blocks is never going to be the same again.

Do you and your kids enjoy playing with Lego? Will you be buying some of this Lego tape? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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