THIS is the reason why you hold your baby on your left-hand side

With bottle feeds to make, nappies to change and sleep (what's that?!) to catch up on - we wouldn't blame you for not noticing you are probably holding your bundle of joy on your left-hand side.

But WHY do we do this? Why not a 50-50 toss up between left and right? Why does it feel oh-so more natural cradling your tiny human on one particular side? The side which most of us are slightly weaker on? Err, Science, help us out please. We are very confused.

Apparently a mighty 70-80% of us naturally hold a baby on the left hand side and it has nothing to do with preferring to simultaneously eat our cheese sarnie with our right.

It's all to do with our brain and which side deals with which emotion. As a brain trivia refresher, your left side of the brain controls your right side of the body and vice versa.

According to study into mother and infant interactions our right hand side of your brain is key to social processing and understanding facial expressions. It is also the part of your brain that deals with reading emotions including, you guessed it, crying.

Therefore you're more likely to hold your baby on the left, as part of your maternal instincts to care for your child's emotional needs. See, science that actually affects our day to day life rather then setting our pen lids on fire with a Bunsen burner, can be really interesting.

Do you notice you hold your child to the left? Or are you a right-handed cuddler? Let us know at @closeronline!

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