Baby names: Top boys, girls and unisex names of 2017 predictions

These are the most popular baby names of 2017 so far - and they’re pretty surprising…

Choosing a name for your child is one of the trickiest decisions a parent will make. Shoud you keep it traditional and opt for a classic family name, or do you want to take a risk and pick something modern and unique?

Well, we might just be able to help you make that very important decision, as we've got our hands on a list of the most popular baby names of 2017 so far.

Yes, we may only be a few months into 2017, but there have been a LOT of babies born in that time, so experts are already able to make some predictions as to what the most popular baby names will be in 2017.

Picking a name for your baby is a REALLY tricky decision (Credit: Getty)

The folks over at Nameberry have compiled a list of the 55 hottest baby names in 2017 so far (25 girls names, 25 boys names and five unisex names), based on which baby names have received the greatest rise in page views in January 2017 compared to January 2016 (it all sounds VERY technical!).

And we have to say, the list is really not what we were expecting. Gone are the likes of Oliver and Amelia, and in their places are names like Alizeh and Sherlock (yes, really).

But don't just take our word for it, here are the hottest girls, boys and unisex baby names in 2017 so far...

Top 25 baby girl names for 2017

Moana is one of the most popular girls names of 2017 so far (Credit: Disney)

  1. Tatjana

  2. Alizeh

  3. Tahiti

  4. Moana

  5. Ines

  6. Seren

  7. Rosamund

  8. Alisha

  9. Samara

  10. Lilian

  11. Kyra

  12. Sutton

  13. Noor

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their youngest daughter Ines (Credit: Getty)

  1. Arielle

  2. Reina

  3. Calista

  4. Marisol

  5. Arcadia

  6. Ophelia

  7. Zoey

  8. Bellamy

  9. Natasha

  10. Amara

  11. Saskia

  12. Portia

Top 25 baby boy names for 2017

Bowie is one of 2017's most popular boys names following the death of David Bowie in 2016 (Credit: Getty)

  1. Kyd

  2. Benajah

  3. Sulien

  4. Koa

  5. Gunther

  6. Cassian

  7. Beauregard

  8. Albie

  9. Issac

  10. Lucien

  11. Ragnar

  12. Alden

  13. Dante

The popular BBC show Sherlock has influenced parents' choice of boys name (Credit: BBC)

  1. Marcel

  2. Xander

  3. Bowie

  4. Kane

  5. Arrow

  6. Sherlock

  7. Mateo

  8. Franklin

  9. Sayer

  10. Cassius

  11. Callum

  12. Aurelius

Top 5 unisex names for 2017

Could the rise in popularity of the unisex name Winter be linked to Game of Thrones? (Credit: HBO)

  1. Quincy

  2. Remi

  3. Winter

  4. Ellis

  5. Remy

Commenting on the results, Nameberry explained: “Many of the hottest baby names of 2017 pick up on trends and sounds that were hot last year. 2017’s Calista, for instance, takes over for 2016’s Celeste. Similarly, Ines is the new Elise, Kyra the new Kaia, and Tahiti — yes, Tahiti! — is an update on Thea."

Are you surprised by the names on the list? (Credit: Getty)

And if you had your heart set on one of these names, but its new-found popularity is putting you off, the Nameberry team had these words of comfort: "We’re not saying there are going to be thousands of little Rosamunds and Ragnars running around, but if you choose one of these still-unusual names, you might find that it’s not so unusual by the time your child is in middle school."

Fair enough!

Are you surprised by any of the names on this list? Would you consider any of them for your children? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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