8 top tips to bag ALL the bargains on Black Friday

Black Friday is on 25th November. Time to get planning folks.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday began in America. Once Thanksgiving was out of the way shops began enticing customers in to begin their Christmas shopping by running a series of discounts on the last Friday in November. The tradition started over here with the large American brand shops, and has now become the biggest shopping day in Britain, and in many places all over the world, with approximately £1.1bn spent in shops and online in just 24 hours last year.

By 9.10pm 2015, Black Friday had already become Amazon’s biggest sales day ever in the UK - they sold over 6 million items!

Other big shops like John Lewis, Tesco and Boots all struggled to cope and their websites were brought down as a result. Let's hope they're more robust this year!

Many people manage to bag some incredible bargains, but you need to get prepared to make the most out of this 24-hour extravaganza. It can be hella STRESSFUL.

Some people actually now avoid the carnage (especially as things have turned violent over the years; remember those horrible scenes in Asda back in 2014?), while others make the most of the opportunity to bag all the bargains just in time for Christmas and New Year.

There are enormous savings to be had, with brands doing their best to make their deals the most attractive to lure buyers in as Christmas shopping begins in earnest. However, it's easy to get swept away by the madness and, for some, feelings of anxiety and stress can quite easily outweigh the positives of the bargain hunting.


AMAZON.CO.UK have just announced that they will be starting their Black Friday madness TODAY (14 Nov) with deals dropping every single 5 MINUTES. They're trumping their efforts that they made last year, that saw them drop deals five days in advance.

We're in bargain heaven right now.

The deals will include HD TVs, phones, beauty products, home accessories, fashion, toys and so much more.

Amazon Prime members (costing £79 per year with a free 30-day trial) will get access to the deals 30-minutes earlier than other customers - can you think of a better reason and time to sign up?

Amazon's Doug Gurr said: "In response to positive customer feedback for Black Friday deals, we are introducing The Black Friday Sale – 12 days of fantastic deals on must-have gifts and products, saving our customers millions of pounds."

What are you waiting for? 1,2,3....SHOP!!!

Top tips to get the most from the madness of Black Friday and keep the ££ in YOUR pocket.

Be social media savvy

Are you following all your favourite brands on all their social media platforms? Or do you get so annoyed by the constant emails and updates that target your inner shopaholic that you often end up hitting unfollow? Even though your willpower (and bank account) may take a battering, you need to get following them all back. Quick.

Over the course of the run up and during the Black Friday madness, you need to start paying attention to the emails you normally automatically delete and the social media posts you scroll past. Why? Because brands these days often award the customers that pay attention.

This might just be the case of alerting you about offers that only last an hour, giving you that extra 10% discount and informing you about exciting deals coming up in the day.

Although Black Friday historically only lasts a day, many brands like to make the most of the build-up – often dropping hints and discounts on social media a few days before and after.

Sign up for newsletters and updates

Yep, we all know they’re annoying and clog up your inbox but your inner bargain hunter will thank you when it’s all over. will make it their mission to alert you of any deals and mega discounts before anyone else has a chance to. They even have their own discount codes you can use.

Pinpoint the websites and stores that have everything

Quite often, consumers head to their one favourite brand’s website to discover the deals and sometimes get let down by website glitches and problems at the checkout. The solution? Head to the big guns that sell multiple brands at once.

Amazon, ASOS, supermarket chains like Asda and Tescos, and Argos will (fingers crossed) all be able to cope with the huge demand.

These guys have been prepping for this day allllllll year.

Set up online accounts beforehand

The stressful part of Black Friday is normally reaching the checkout and having to go through a long process of sign up forms, email verifications and all that marlarky. So if you're serious about shopping, make sure you set up your online account in advance – so come Black Friday, they’ll have all your details already.

Know what you want

Organisation is key.

Spend the week beforehand pinpointing an area that you really want to focus on; whether it be the a-bit-too-expensive toy that’s on the top of your little one’s Christmas list or some swanky new garden furniture for next summer. Focus is everything! And try not to be distracted from what you're trying to buy, even if a deal looks good stick to your list.

If you're braving hitting the stores on the day, make sure you make a list of each store you want to explore and in order of importance. Toys for the kids first, handbag for your mother in law last.

Get your family involved

If you’re planning to complete your entire Christmas shop but also have a 9-5 job and the school run to fit into your busy day – enlist the help of your loved ones to help you out.

Some of your friends and family might happily head to Tesco’s early or scour the New Look flash sale for you – you’ve only got to ask.

Stay up until midnight on Thursday night

You can do some shopping from the comfort of your own home. ALL the big brands' Black Friday ONLINE deals go live at midnight, so it definitely pays to stay awake. You could always go to bed at the same time as the kids, or set loads of alarms to make sure you don’t lose too much precious sleep.

Alternatively, get to the stores early. Everyone knows how much us British folk love to queue.

Have a budget

Many of us are guilty of taking advantage of every single deal thrown our way, even if we don’t necessarily want or need what we’re buying. Take all those pesky buy-one-get-one-free deals in supermarkets, often making us buy products we never normally would…

Have a budget and stick to it. Experts also say that you should use a credit card (it’s the safest way to pay, as the bank will end up footing the bill if there is any kind of mishap.)

Will you be heading to the shops? Or will you spend the entire day online? Let us know all your Black Friday plans over on Facebook and Twitter (@CloserOnline).

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