You can ONLY say you're adventurous if you have done these 50 things...

No ifs, no buts

Adventurous to some people, is leaving the house without an umbrella and your weather app predicted 52% rain. To others, it's carrying around a paddle board and singing about the sea like our favourite Disney hero, Moana.

To the more cynical,'Adventurous' is an outdated buzzword spotted on Tinder profiles, alongside 'likes the outdoors', 'live, laugh love' and 'if you have a cat, I will steal it!'

But enough about you! A study run by online casino has revealed all the things that Brits reckon is adventurous and has compiled a top 50 list.

It's not all skydiving and swimming with sharks, either. It's the small stuff that makes you feel the most wild.

So, how adventurous are you really? Check off any of the following activities from the below list that you have done (in your head, because phones/laptops are expensive) and count them as you go.

How adventurous are you? Be honest!

  1. Going on holiday alone
  2. Having sex in a public place
  3. Going skinny dipping
  4. Taking on a huge physical challenge
  5. Changing your career
  6. Going on a last minute trip
  7. Dramatically changing your hairstyle
  8. Speaking in front of hundreds of people
  9. Getting a tattoo or piercing
  10. Betting a large amount of money
  11. Purchasing a large item (car, house)
  12. Taking up a new hobby
  13. Learning a new language
  14. Singing at karaoke
  15. Going to an audience participation event
  16. Decorating a room in an unusual colour
  17. Chatting to a complete stranger
  18. Speaking up when you see something wrong
  19. Haggling on price when you buy something
  20. Trying a new recipe
  21. Learning to play a musical instrument
  22. Going into a mosh pit at a gig
  23. Sneaking into more than one film in the cinema
  24. Going to a gig of a band you do not know
  25. Straying from your normal order choice in a restaurant
  26. Not closing the curtains when you get changed
  27. Doing a live video on Facebook
  28. Hiding in the toilet to avoid the train conductor
  29. Ordering something that isn’t on the menu
  30. Leaving work early when the boss isn’t in
  31. Driving with the petrol light on
  32. Sitting in a reserved seat on a train
  33. Complaining to the waiter/manager about your food in a restaurant/sending your food back in a restaurant
  34. Calling in sick to work when you're not really sick
  35. Taking a different route to work
  36. Walking through an airport scanner with an item you shouldn't have on you (lighter, phone)
  37. Eating food as you walk around the supermarket
  38. Changing your morning routine
  39. Not answering the door even though you are in
  40. Admitting to your manager that you've done something wrong
  41. Having an alcoholic drink before 5pm
  42. Taking your own food and drink into a cinema
  43. Ordering online without checking reviews
  44. Eating something past its sell-by date
  45. Paying a bill on the last day it's due
  46. Watching pirate videos
  47. Not paying for a plastic bag when going through self-serve checkout
  48. Turning up at a restaurant without booking first
  49. Putting your feet on a seat in front of you
  50. Not cancelling a restaurant reservation when you don't intend to go

30 and under?

LIVE A LITTLE! Eat the croissant as you walk around the Tesco (but pay for it after, don't be an animal!) and be that annoying person who insists on laughing really loudly at the Cinema. Own it.


You have the full rights to use 'adventurous' in your Tinder bio now, congratulations!

So, how adventurous are you?! Let us know on on Facebook and Twitter.

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