30 children's Halloween costumes from £7.50

We've rounded up the best children's Halloween costumes on Amazon!

Great ideas for children's Halloween costumes under £30

We know how difficult it can be to find really impressive, easy costumes for children's Halloween parties - and it can be even harder on a budget: who wants to spend a huge amount on a costume which only lasts one night anyway?

Of course it's possible to cobble something together at home from old sheets and some facepaints, but if you don't have the time for that, or you're not artsy you're going to have to buy something. But maybe you just want something a bit different to what everyone else will be buying from Sainsbury's seasonal aisle?

Never fear! We have trawled through Amazon to bring you the best children's Halloween costumes. From zombies to skeletons, Ghostbusters to Princess Leia - we've found the costumes your kids will be asking for. And they're all under £30.

Children's zombie costume

It's always better to start off with the most obvious Halloween costumes, isn't it? Of course, you could make your kids into the undead by ripping up old clothes, letting them roll around in dirt a bit and then putting your old dusky eyeshadow under their eyes and an old red lippie around their mouths – but if you're looking for something a bit different, take a look at these zombie schoolgirl/schoolboy costumes on Amazon.

Girl's zombie costume, £10.72.

Boy's zombie costume, £11.99.

Children's vampire costume

Another classic Halloween go-to is the vampire. Again, there are cheaper ways to transform your little ones into Draculas and Draculesses, but these outfits might make things just that bit easier than rummaging through your/husband's/parents'/friend's wardrobes for items you can make into miniature suits. Get these vampire fangs to complete the look.

Girl's vampire costume, £12.95.

Boy's vampire costume, £10.99.

Children's skeleton costume

Skeletons can be quite tricky to pull off without a good costume. Unless you're an artist of Picasso standard and able to paint a white skeleton onto old black clothes, this unisex costume will save you a whole lot of time. However, it might be worth checking out this video tutorial on how to do easy but effective skeleton face paint on your children to set it off.

Children's skeleton costume, £10.48.

Children's pirate costume

A pirate costume for children is another one that could possibly be done by rootling through all available wardrobes of willing (or unwilling) loved ones, but these pirate costumes are particularly cool, in our humble opinions. The boy's costume definitely has a hint of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Caribbean, and of course there's nothing to stop your little girls wearing this one too if they so wish!

Girl's pirate costume, £9.24.

Boy's pirate costume, £13.59.

Children's witch costume

If you or your child is a big fan of Wicked, we've found the perfect opportunity for them to channel their inner Elphaba and dress them up as an Emerald Witch! Disclaimer: unfortunately, Closer cannot guarantee any Defying of Gravity whilst wearing this costume.

Children's Emerald Witch costume, £18.95.

Children's Frankenstein costume

Although not as popular a choice as vampires, zombies or skeletons, Frankenstein's Monster is still one of the scariest creatures to come out at Halloween. There's even an adorable baby version – cute!

Children's Frankenstein costume, £9.16.

Baby Frankenstein costume, £14.99.

Children's Power Rangers costume

If you have more than one child, they don't mind matching and love the Power Rangers, then this collection of costumes could be perfect for you! Alternatively, you could get together with other families to recreate this group of superheroes.

Power Ranger Red Ranger costume, £14.69.

Power Ranger Pink Ranger costume, £17.08.

Power Ranger Blue Ranger costume, £16.51.

Children's Batman/Suicide Squad costumes

Following DC Comics' recent success with the new Batman and Suicide Squad films, there are now children's costumes for Batman, his nemesis The Joker and The Joker's partner in crime – Harley Quinn. If you're not keen on spraying your children's hair with paint to achieve Harley Quinn's two-tone hairstyle, you could always invest in this wig.

Children's Harley Quinn costume, £16.98.

Children's Batman costume, £19.98.

Children's The Joker costume, £21.99.

Children's Elsa from Frozen costume

Ok, it's not necessarily a Halloween-specific costume, but we couldn't have an article on fancy dress costumes for kids and NOT include an Elsa dress. Right?! You can even pick a different coloured dress if your child isn't a fan of the original blue. It even comes with her gloves and jewellery! Where can we get an adult version, please?!

Children's Elsa costume, £27.99.

Children's Transformers Optimus Prime costume

Who WOULDN'T want the ability to turn into a car at any given moment? Well, with this costume and a bit of imagination, your kids can turn that dream into a reality. Kind of.

Children's Optimus Prime costume, £14.99.

Children's Wonder Woman costume

You'll be ahead of the trend if you can encourage your kids to dress up as Wonder Woman, as the new film starring Gal Gadot isn't slated for release until June 2017. Plus, they'll be dressing as one of the most powerful women to ever exist in the DC universe – and what could be better than that!

Children's Wonder Woman costume, £18.23.

Children's Ghostbusters costume

Considering that Ghostbusters is one of the most loved ghosty-ghouly films of all time, AND that it's had an all-female reboot this year, we just had to include this awesome Ghostbuster costume. It even includes the Proton Pack – what more do you need? Best of all, this costume is unisex – so there's no need to search for boy/girl ones!

Children's Ghostbusters costume, £23.98.

Children's Star Wars costumes

Another opportunity for either a multiple-children household – OR if you and your pals with kids are big Star Wars fans (aren't we all?) – these are the BEST kids' Star Wars costumes we have seen so far! All the main characters are covered – and just imagine the cute photos!

Children's Rey costume, £16.75.

Children's Princess Leia costume, £22.98.

Children's Darth Vader costume, £17.98.

Children's Poe Dameron costume, £15.49.

Children's Stormtrooper costume, £18.49.

Children's Kylo Ren costume, £14.97.

Children's Darth Maul costume, £15.96.

Children's Chewbacca costume, £24.99.

Children's Han Solo costume, £25.25.

Ok... We know you're probably not going to dress your toddler up as Yoda, but just look how cute this costume is!!

If you're looking to get artistic with your kids, you may find it useful to buy these face paints by renowned face painting company, Snazaroo. It's only £8.37 for high quality paints – and they go a long way, trust us…

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