Christmas DIY: 25 gorgeous Christmas decorations you can make yourself

Deck the halls with boughs of holly; here’s 25 gorgeous Christmas decorations you can make yourself!

1. Christmas DIY decor: How to craft a Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman?

This little snow critter is made out of woolly socks - and he’s just adorable, isn’t he?

Get the instructions at Darkroom & Dearly now.

2. Christmas DIY decor: How to create sparkly branches

Branch out

This one’s super-simple; all you need are branches (perfect excuse for a woodland walk!), and sparkly beads.

Get the specifics over at Decorating Your Small Spaces now.

3. Christmas DIY decor: Outside tree decorations

The last straw

Fancy some cheap and waterproof decorations for your outdoor trees? You need straws. And fast.

Read more about this clever idea over at Residence Style now.

4. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade snowflakes

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We all learned to snip snowflakes out of paper back when we were kids, but these fancy designs take them to entirely new heights.

Find out more on Pinterest.

5. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade candles

Orange you glad we included this one?

These scented candle holders - crafted from orange peel - are a delight for the eyes AND the nose!

6. Christmas DIY decor: Festive homemade ribbons

The ribbon on top

Whoever knew that PASTA - just plain old pasta - could look so festive?

7. Christmas DIY decor: Festive homemade baubles

Go for gold

How gorgeous is this homemade bauble wreath? Can you BELIEVE it’s made out of a pizza plate?

Hit up Recreated for more info.

8. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade festive wreath

Or maybe you’re more of a lady in red?

This wreath, created from scraps of red-and-white material, is pretty beautiful, isn’t it?

Get the details over at Indulgy now.

9. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade decorations

There’s no place like home

Tiny little houses make for adorable decorations - particularly if some of your loved ones are far from home this year.

10. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade sparkly baubles

Get your sparkle on

These sparkly hanging baubles look incredible - and they’re so easy to make.

Check out Cute DIY Projects for the skinny on how to recreate these for yourself.

11. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade candy canes

Sweet, sugar, candy cane

Peppermint is a flavour that plenty of people associate with Christmas - and that’s all down to those red and white candy canes.

So why not whip up some delicious Christmas-themed peppermint ornaments?

Find the recipe over at Cute DIY Projects now.

12. Christmas DIY decor: Tree decorations

Let them eat cake…

…and, in particular, cupcakes. Those empty cases are PERFECT for stringing up as garlands over your home this Christmas.

Visit Cute DIY Projects if you want to know more.

13. Christmas DIY decor: Festive mini wreaths

Say my name, say my name

These mini wreaths (used here as table place cards) are made out of rosemary, which means your table will smell even more phenomenal.

We love it. Get on Pinterest for more fab ideas like this!

14. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade Rosemary

And on THAT note...

You don’t have to go green if you don’t fancy it; red berries look just as fabulous as rosemary.

Like we said, check out Pinterest for more like this.

15. Christmas DIY decor: Festive fairy lights

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Bored of your usual string of Christmas lights? Give them a makeover and they’ll soon be the star of the show!

16. Christmas DIY decor: Festive inspired fairy lights

And on THAT note…

Following on from that starry theme, here’s another DIY tip for creating gorgeous glowing stars to deck your house out with.

Visit Mon Makes Things for all the instructions.

17. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade baubles

Get glitzy with it

These DIY sequin balls know exactly what they’re about, don’t they?

Find out how to make your own over at Praktic Ideas now.

18. Christmas DIY decor: Festive baubles

Play that funky music

Got lots of old CDs lying around the house? Recycle them and create some SERIOUSLY good looking baubles.

Visit Woo Home now.

19. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade tree

Holy macaroni!

Who knew you could make such a good-looking Christmas tree out of dried macaroni, eh?

Hit up Praktic Ideas for more.

20. Christmas DIY decor: Festive kitchen appliances

Jingle bells, jingle bells…

These little teacups have been decked out with ribbons and tiny festive bells - and we think they look beautiful.

Visit Top Dreamer for more information.

21. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade candles

By the candle’s glow

Tying cinnamon sticks around your votive candles doesn’t just look gorgeous; it smells divine, too.

22. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade wine glasses

The holly and the…

…wine glass? We love this simple and beautiful table decoration.

23. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade festive tree

Oh, Christmas tree

This clever little craft project uses branches, string, and coloured ornaments to create a Christmas tree you can hang in your window - nifty, eh?

Find out more on Pinterest.

24. Christmas DIY decor: Homemade yarn

Spinning a yarn

This wreath is made out of yarn and adds a bright pop of colour to your home.

Find out how to make one for yourself over at QVC now.

25. Christmas DIY decor: jars of light

Tangerine dream

If you buy a few tangerines, lemons or limes now you can turn them into amazing decorations! Just the fruit evenly and place in an oven set to about 150-170°F and for 3-4 hours.

Once they are cooled they are fantastic decorations for the tree, or in a bowl (did we mention they smell FANTASTIC?) - the light shines right through them giving a warming, Christmassy glow!

Which of these Christmas DIY projects is your favourite?

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