The top toys to buy your children for Christmas this year

Get ahead of the game...

With less than 100 days until Christmas it's time to start planning your Christmas shopping - and obviously the little ones are top of the list. They're bound to know what they want, but by then it might already be too late!

You don't want to be running around like Arnie in Jingle All The Way at the last minute, so we refer you immediately to our brilliant guide to all the most popular and sell-out Christmas gifts for 2016, by shop. Or smugly buy them all online at Amazon from the comfort of your own home.


Pie Face Showdown - £25

This game has already been all over social media. Players compete against each other to avoid getting whipped cream or a wet sponge on their face.

Recommended for five years and over.

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-A-Pillar - £64

This Code-a-pillar helps children develop problem solving, planning and sequencing and critical thinking skills.

Recommended for three to six year olds.

Lego Star Wars Krennics Imperial Shuttle - £80

This toy allows kids to recreate Star Wars Krennics Imperial Shuttle. With folding wings, front and side panels, a minifigure cockpit which can hold four Lego men and a whole lot more we’re sure your little one will be entertained by this one long after the Christmas holidays are over.

Recommended for nine to 14-year-old.

Marvins Magic My Magic Showcase - £25

Not only does the My Magic Showcase have 200 tricks it also has an app that allows players to perform 3D tricks with your phone or tablet.

Suitable for six years and over.

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy - £61

This adorable princess is always up for a hug and when your child presses her tummy she speaks 25 phrases. Kids and their troll Poppy can wear a matching bracelet and when activated the bracelet and Poppy’s hair light up to the beat of the music.

Recommended for four years and over.


Furby Connect, Pink - £74.99

Not only does this electronic pet speak in Furbish language, it also reacts with you, and when there’s something new in the app it notifies you.

Recommended for six years and over.

Barbie 3-Storey Townhouse - £83.99

This townhouse gives a Barbie doll the ultimate Malibu lifestyle (we wish we had a townhouse in Malibu).

Recommended for three years and over.

Finding Dory My Friend Dory - £29.99

We all love the Disney character Dory, especially after the latest movie came out in the cinema this year and now kids have the chance to get Dory this Christmas. Not only does Dory react when you move or touch her but she feels like a real fish!

Recommended for four years and above.

LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar Siege Machine of Doom Construction Set - £40.32

This construction set has red flame elements and spikes, monster teeth, a cockpit for three Lego men (that are included) and a whole lot more... We definitely think it's a winner.

Recommended for 8 years and over.

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon - £78.57

This cool dragon breathes flame-coloured mist! And he makes over 50 sound and motion combinations.

Recommended for four years and over.

Toys ‘R’ Us

Thomas Sky High Bridge Set - £99.99

Kids will have a lot of fun with this toy. With the help of Harold, Thomas makes his way around the track and can push the barrel into the cargo area.

Recommended for three to eight year olds.

CHiP Robot Dog - £199.99

The price is pretty high for a robot dog but this isn’t any robot dog. Not only is CHiP smart, affectionate and trainable he also responds to you through touch and plays fetch – yes - actual fetch.

Recommended for eight to 16 year olds.

LEGO Friends Party Shop - £24.99

With this cute Party Shop kids can choose decorations, gifts, helium balloons and fancy dress accessories for a special party.

Recommended for six to twelve year olds.

Star Wars Spinning Lightsaver - £44.99

If your child loves Star Wars then they’ll definitely go mad for this Lightsaber which also comes with a lightdagger (!).

Recommended for four to 11 year olds.

Paw Patrol Air Patroller - £39.99

This Air Patroller allows player to transform from a helicopter to a plane. It also has real lights and sounds so your child can feel that they’re IN Paw Patrol.

Recommended for three to six year olds.


SelfieMic - £19.99

This toy comes with a karaoke microphone, an adjustable selfie stick, an earpiece and a free singing app – we’re sure your little one will feel like the next Taylor Swift in no time - you might want to make camp in another room after a while, though.

Recommended for eight years and over.

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Interactive Toy Snuggles - £49.99

This cute puppy moves, breathes when he falls asleep, feeds from his bottles and opens and closes his eyes just like a real puppy. How adorable!

Recommended for four years and over.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens RC BB-8 - £44.99

With this toy your child can actually feel like they’re in Star Wars and control BB-8.

Recommended for five years and over.

Lego City Volcano - £79.99

Lego fan? Well your child will sure love this, they can help scientists and explorers find out new information about volcanos. They can also use an excavator, dumper and a drone.

Recommended for eight years and over.

Zoomer Chimp - £99.99

Has your child ever wanted a real life chimpanzee? Well this toy chimp can do OVER 100 tricks, 200 sounds and voice commands. The cheeky monkey has real facial expressions, moves like a real chimp and knows a few dance moves.

Recommended for five years and over.

More Christmas Toys...

Rainbow Rage - £15

We’re sure the whole family will be playing this game at Christmas. Players have to be quick to build their rainbow, whoever builds it first wins but there are traps that can wipe out your rainbow. Eek!

Recommended for eight years and over.

My First BANANAGRAMS - £13.91

This game is perfect for young children who are trying to learn words and spelling.

Recommended for four to 18 year olds.

Wiggins Pau Balance Bike - £90

This bike is ideal for parents who are teaching their children how to ride a bike and helping them become confident on two wheels. There’s a ‘pinch free’ brake lever to protect their little hands and discreet handles under the seat for parents to carry the bike.

Recommended for two to four years.

Zinc E-Drift Electric Scooter - £89

Who doesn’t want an electric scooter? This one has a twist-and-go throttle and a smooth carving motion – perfect for your kids moving around. It goes up to 8 mph and can run for 60 minutes.

Recommended for eight to eleven years.

Paceman Mini Cooper 6V Electric Ride on Car - £129

We’re sure every child will want this Mini Cooper (we sure do). The toy car is a perfect replica of a real Mini Cooper and features forward and reverse gears, a foot operated pedal control and sounds and lights. The Mini travels at a maximum speed of 2.5km/ph.

Recommended for three years and over.

Side note: Remember batteries if they're needed.

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