This CPR baby grow can literally save your child's life

A life saving one piece has been designed with steps to give a baby CPR

Unlike most other things when parents welcome a baby into the world they don't get a handbook to learn all the tips, tricks and the how-to's.

Most parents get the hang of things; feeding, burping, sleeping, changing the nappy... the list goes one. Luckily, though for there's now a one piece for baby's which has five steps on it that can help save a baby's life.

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On the baby grow there are five steps for parents and carers to help the baby during an emergency. Step one is to call for help – an emergency service such as an ambulance - the next things parents should do is breathe in the babies mouth five times.

You should then use two fingers to start compression in the centre of the baby's chest and repeat this action 30 times. Parents are then encouraged to breathe into the babies mouth two times. Once these four steps are done you should then repeat everything until help arrives.

The baby grow includes five steps to help save a baby's life (Credit: Redbubble)

What an incredible and life saving idea!

The baby grow is available in a variety of different colours and the age ranges from new born to 18 months. Not only that but there are also short sleeve one pieces, and t-shirts for both babies and children.

You can buy the CPR baby grow from £14.

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