REVEALED: European countries most popular baby names

Choosing your babies name is probably one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. Your child is stuck with that name forever, so it's essential to make a good choice.

Over the years we've heard a lot of baby names, you can even check out our baby names guide if you don't believe us, but now the most popular baby names in European countries have been revealed and we're pretty shocked.

In Baby Name Wizard's most recent findings they've rounded up all the European's popular baby baby names.

So, from Germany to Slovakia here are European countries most popular baby boy and girl names.

Boy: William

Girl: Emma

Boy: William

Girl: Elsa

Boy: William

Girl: Emma

Boy: Leo

Girl: Venla

Leonardo DiCaprio's name is the most popular boys name in Finland (Credit: Rex Features)

Boy: Aron

Girl: Margret

Boy: Lucas

Girl: Alba

Boy: Georgi

Girl: Emma

Boy: Liam

Girl: Emma

Boy: Gabriel

Girl: Louise

Louise Thompson's name also made the list (Credit: Instagram / louise.thompson)

Boy: Francesco

Girl: Sofia

Boy: João

Girl: Maria

Boy: Hugo

Girl: Lucia

Boy: Noah

Girl: Giulia

The gorgeous Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun in The Notebook is the most popular boys name in Switzerland

Boy: Lukas

Girl: Ana

Boy: Ahmed

Girl: Amina

Most popular baby names in Bulgaria

Boy: Georgi

Girl: Marija

Most popular baby names in Czech

Boy: Jakub

Girl: Eliska

Boy: Ben

Girl: Mia

Oh hey Ben Affleck's name (Credit: Getty Images)

Boy: Bence

Girl: Hanna

Boy: Jakub

Girl: Zuzanna

Boy: Andrei

Girl: Ana-Maria

Boy: Nikola

Girl: Milica

Boy: Adam

Girl: Sofia

The gorgeous Sofia Vergara's name is on the list (Credit: Getty Images)

Boy: Luka

Girl: Ema

Boy: Davit

Girl: Nare

Most popular baby banes in Latvia

Boy: Roberts

Girl: Sofija

Boy: Aleksander

Girl: Sofia

Boy: Maxim

Girl: Sofia


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