Apparently everyone's having sex this May bank holiday 😉

May bank holiday? May BONK holiday, more like!

How much sex are you having? Sorry for the directness, but we are guessing it’s probably a lot more than usual if fancy pants statistics are anything to go by...

Figures suggest that we are undressing each other's figures a lot more this month due to the TWO mega-long bank holidays, as we are looking for ways to keep ourselves occupied. Ooh-er!

(Though they have definitely not seen our to-do lists...)

Bank holidays = more fun times (Credit: Getty)

Superdrug have already reported increased sales of lubes, toys and condoms with an 8% increase in the lead up to and during the first May bank holiday.

May has officially become the month of the ‘bonk’ holiday.

If you missed the first one, or fancy round two - don’t worry guys, because another weekend is just around the corner!

More time of work means more time in bed! (Credit: Getty)

Alix Fox, Superdrug’s sexpert says; “Bravo, Britain! So often, couples tell me that their lifestyles are insanely busy and that they’re too hectic with work commitments, deadlines, household admin tasks and childcare to make time to enjoy sex sessions as frequently as they’d like – so it’s great to hear they’re taking advantage of the long weekends to make amends.

“If you don’t have a partner, though, why not set aside an hour during a bank holiday to indulge in some self-pleasure? May is International Masturbation Month, and flying solo doesn’t mean you can’t still experiment and explore your body using new toys, techniques and touches.”

Time to dig out those fluffy handcuffs and dust off those ben wah balls, guys! It's not just May bonk holiday that's coming!

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