Experts warn parents: ‘Your child’s winter coat could kill them’

A shocking new video has revealed why children should NEVER wear coats while sitting in their car seats

October may have been boiling, but temperatures have plummeted and all our little ones are running around in their winter coats looking CUTE AS HELL.

However, all parents need to know that bulky coats and car journeys are a VERY dangerous combination - and could prove deadly to your little one.

A report from featured a disturbing video from an official crash test lab in Michigan.

In it, a child dummy that appeared to be securely strapped into a car seat can be seen hurtling out of it in a simulated 30-mph crash.

And it was all due to the fact the dummy was wearing a thick winter coat.

Winter Coats SHOULD NOT be worn in car seats....PLEASE watch this video to find out why... Posted by West Allis Health Department on Tuesday, 15 December 2015

So what causes this to happen?

Well, your child’s jacket creates a gap between your child and their safety harness.

This means that, if your car is involved in a collision, or you are forced to brake suddenly for any reason, the harness isn’t as close to your child’s body as it needs to be to allow it to properly restrain them.

Therefore, to keep your children safe in the car this winter, you must remove their coats and jackets BEFORE putting them in their car seat.

Once this is done, pull the harness tight enough that you can just get two fingers between your child and the straps.

It is also worth pointing out that your child could easily overheat if they are wearing a thick coat inside your car, particularly as the journey gets underway and the vehicle begins to warm up.

However, if it is very chilly, experts suggest strapping your child securely in their car seat without their coat on, and keeping them warm with blankets and throws instead.

"Instead of putting the coat on him, you can put the coat over him to keep him warm," Sue Auriemma from Kids and Cars told TODAY.

"Or you can use a blanket."

Experts also advise that adults also refrain from wearing bulky coats or jumpers when they're behind the wheel or riding in a car.

Find out more about this topic on Good Egg Child Car Seat Safety now.

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