10 Christmas gift ideas for baby's first Christmas

We've picked out our 10 favourite things to celebrate your baby's first Christmas.

A new baby's first Christmas is always a really brilliant time in a growing family. It can be hilarious because the little ones are usually too young to have any idea what's going on (just like at their first birthday party - but we're throwing one anyway) and that's not going to stop us spoiling them with Christmas presents...

Whether you're a mum or dad, a granny, aunt, uncle or friend, you're bound to want to get baby something special to celebrate their first ever Christmas Day - so here are some great ideas for cute little Christmas gifts for babies.

1. Personalised star Christmas tree decoration, £3.75

Baby can hold onto this gorgeous personalised tree decoration forever as a keepsake, and use it on their tree every year!

2. Canvas hand/foot impression kit, £12

Everything you need to create a canvas print of baby’s hands or feet – aww. The Mothercare Canvas Kit includes a canvas and blue paint, as well as a paintbrush and mixing tray and stencil. Full instructions are also included – it's a wonderful gift for a new parent, and the perfect keepsake to cherish for years to come.

3. Baby Father Christmas babygrow, £7

Who could resist? And who says they can't wear it into January? All babies look cute in tiny little Father Christmas onesies – even if they don't know what's going on, at least the mums and dads and grandparents will have a great old time cooing over the little cutie in this lil' Christmas get up.

4. Comforter, £12

This snuggly comforter will be a friend for years to come – the sort of thing baby gets attached to and still carries around when he or she is older than you think – plus they can kind of chew on it when they get to teething time.

5. Jellycat soft monkey toy, £10

Jellycat toys are so soft, and loveable that many babies have a selection they become very attached to – and honestly you can't have too many. This cheeky monkey is sure to be a hit with tinies.

6. That's Not My Dinosaur book, £6.99

A touchy-feely board book which babies love with simple text, tactile patches and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers. A little white mouse appears on every page, for children to spot. See also That's Not My Hedgehog/Monster and other animals.

7. Handy pram link/teething rings, £10

These eight links can either be used separately or attached together. They are wonderfully multi-purpose since they both soothe teething children and also keep babies entertained in the car or the buggy.

8. Penguin babygrow, £6.99

This super cute babygrow comes in different colours and again you can keep it as a memory of baby’s brilliant first Christmas.

9. Soothing nightlight, £10.66

If you know a baby who’s having trouble getting to sleep at night, their parents might appreciate this soothing nightlight which plays music and projects onto the ceiling to distract baby from the fact he or she doesn't want to sleep, and lets them drift off in peace while you enjoy what's left of your evening.

10. Elf slippers, £7

What could be cuter than these super-soft elf slippers with turnover stripey sock tops to help them stay on top of wriggly feet, these brilliant gifts are bound to raise a smile, as well as keeping baby's feet toasty warm this winter.

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