Someone made a 'Guess Who' board featuring their own family


Board games with your family are a beautiful way for the whole family to play together on Christmas. It is even more beautiful when 1) you all make an effort to play (no phones, guys) 2) the game is something the whole family can play (from your Nanna Marge to your sulky five-year-old and 3) you win. Mwhahaha.

Maybe you are now bored of board games (bah humbug!), but this one created by a Reddit user is amazing and it makes our monopoly look a bit meh.

It's a Guess Who board, but made with portraits of the user's ACTUAL family. Hilarious or hilarious?

According to the Metro Online, the family sent selfies to behind the game MJB414, who then paid someone on online marketplace Fiverr to create each portrait.

Though we have concerns this game could take a dramatic dark turn... AKA 'who hasn't washed up their bowl since last Thursday' or 'who still hasn't bought me a Christmas present... three years in a row!' Or maybe we are just cynical because our own family is a bit mad.

Even so, it's a touching gift! Would you make one for your family? Would you love to receive this creation? Let us know on Twitter at @CloserOnline

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