What happened to the sisterhood: Why women are so critical of each other


What happened to the sisterhood - and why are women so critical of each other?

We don’t need to pick holes in each other; we need to be supportive...

Emma Willis has summed up exactly what we're all thinking - women need to stop picking holes in each other and start being more supportive.

Depending on whether I'm at home or with friends, I tend to be bombarded with a LOT of opinions about women and the choices they make. And all of them are conflicting.

They go something like this…

"How could she get married so young? / How could she not want to get married?"

"Why isn't she breastfeeding? / What's wrong with formula?"

"Career is the most important thing - why are you starting a family? / The most important thing you will ever do is start a family - why are you focusing on your career?"

Or there's the suggestive, belittling questions, loaded with judgement and built-up angst. They're always fun.

"So when are you planning on settling down?"

"Do you think you'll ever get married?"

"Are you spending too much on the wedding?"

"Are you breastfeeding all the time?"

And so on. Forever and ever.

So when did we become such mean girls?

Remember this scene from Clueless?
Every single woman out there seems to have a strong opinion on how women should live their lives - and they're pretty judgemental when it comes to anyone who deviates from that option.

Stay-at-home mums look down on working mums, asking them what the point is in having children if they aren't going to look after them themselves. Working mums judge the stay-at-home mums, wondering why they'd sacrifice their career to sit at home all day with their kids.

Career girls will laugh derisively when their friends get engaged or announce their pregnancies - and women ready to start a family will raise their eyebrows at career girls, wondering why they would choose to be alone.

It's just stupid. And it has to stop.

It is hard enough being a woman. Trying to have it all when in reality you are struggling to balance it all. Feeling like super woman one day and a complete disaster the other.

Why, on top of all this, do we need to add to the stress and pressure and judge one another?

Everyone, and especially every woman, has tough decisions to make. We are all different, we all have different hopes and dreams, and we all need to work towards making them come true.

So what if you're a stay-at-home mum? That doesn't immediately put you at odds with working mums - try to see life from their point of view. And vice versa, obviously.

In the world of Sex And The City, we see four women pursuing their dreams - and obtaining them. And, as viewers, we support them all.

The girls in Sex And The City all supported each other
Carrie is looking for love, a gorgeous pair of shoes and she DOESN'T want kids. Charlotte? Charlotte is very into having babies and staying at home to raise them. Miranda has a son AND a job - and Samantha? Samantha is just utterly Samantha, unwilling to settle down and pursuing a relationship with herself, above all others.

They all support each others' choices. They're all respectful of each others' decisions. And they love each other almost as much as we love them for it!

You know why? Because they're all heroines - despite the fact that they're all so different. And we think we need to start viewing all the women of the world as heroines too, each powering through her own story to get to the end.

Let’s all respect each other enough to trust that we are making the right decision for ourselves and our families and support those decisions versus judge.

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