REVEALED: Top 20 names of women most likely to get pregnant in 2018!

Want to know if you’re going to get pregnant in 2018? Of course you do!

When we wrote a story last year, with the top 20 names of women most likely to get pregnant in 2017, it went all kinds of crazy.

Because who wouldn’t want a little heads up that they might be hearing the pitter patter or tiny feet in the near future?

So now, as we enter the SECOND HALF of 2017 – GULP! – we thought it was about time we got our calculators out again, and worked out who’s likely to have a baby in 2018!

Will you become a mum in 2018? (Credit: Getty)

So, without further ado, here are the…

Top 20 names of women most likely to get pregnant in 2018

  1. Emma
  2. Laura
  3. Sarah
  4. Stephanie
  5. Kirsty
  6. Claire
  7. Nicola
  8. Jennifer
  9. Stacey
  10. Lauren
  11. Lisa
  12. Danielle
  13. Rachel
  14. Rebecca
  15. Natalie
  16. Amy
  17. Louise
  18. Samantha
  19. Ashley
  20. Gemma

Will you be plus one in 2018? (Credit: Getty)

So, how did we work this all out?

Well, like last year, we first found out the average age a woman becomes a first-time mum in the UK – which is 28.6 years old.

Then, we worked out what year they would have been born – 1989 – 1990.

And finally, we found out the most popular girls’ names from those years.


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