10 reasons why your mum is more helpful than you O/H when you’ve just given birth

Yes, I'm sure your boyfriend/ husband is GREAT but believe me, when you've just given birth to your first child, your mum is person you'll need by your side!

When I gave birth to my son Ruadhan – my first child – in 2015, I did what any sensible new mum does, and moved my mum in.

Yes, I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who was willing to cater to mine and Ruadhan's every need, but I also knew that once the baby arrived, my mum – who’d been there before and knew all the ropes – would be able to help in ways he couldn’t.

Here’s why I think mums are needed more than men when a baby arrives…

Eimear with her glam mum Joan and son Ruadhan (Credit: Eimear O'Hagan)

1. They’ve been there Mums know exactly what it’s like carrying a big old bump around by the end of a pregnancy, all the aches and pains, and then having to squeeze that baby out. Your O/H may be able to sympathise but your mum can empathise, and you’ll appreciate that more.

2. Just as your maternal instincts are kicking in, so are hers

Your mum will want to mother you in a way a man just can’t.

3. There is NOTHING glamorous about recovering from giving birth. Repeat NOTHING.

You might prefer your mum to help you with things like pads, sore nipples and sore ladybits, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

No matter how good your man is, your mum will still be a great help (Credit: Getty)

4. Men and a sense of urgency rarely go together

When you’re pinned to the sofa breastfeeding and gasping for a cuppa, the remote, more nipple cream… your mum will know you need it now, not when Match of the Day is over.

5. New mums need a shoulder to cry on thanks to those damned hormones and sleep deprivation

And there’s no shoulder better than your mum’s.

6. Your mum will never complain she’s exhausted or stiff from spending hours on a hard chair on the labour ward

You bloke, if he’s anything like many other men, might. (Definitely will.)

7. New babies love a pair of boobs to snuggle up to

And your mums can be a substitute for yours while you have a wee/shower/nap.

Babies love a bossom for a pillow whether it's yours or your mums (Credit: Getty)

8. She knows the ropes already

While you and your S/O are still learning, why not have a parenting pro on hand to help you?

9. Think you and your bloke will be all loved up when baby comes? Think again.

You’ll be tired, cranky and snappy – it happens to every couple. Having someone else there can help keep the peace!

10. You and your mum have been through a lot together,why wouldn’t you want her there now to share in such a special time?

Go on, get that spare room bed made for her.

Do you agree with Eimear that it's helpful to have your mum around when you've just given birth? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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