11 reasons being a stepmum is totally awesome

Growing up, we’re all told that all stepmums are evil witches, and stepchildren are a pain in the butt. But in my experience, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a stepmum to two brilliant kids, I love the fact I get to have fabulous little people in my life without having to have ultimate responsibility for them. It really is a win-win!

Here are 11 more reasons why being a stepmum is really great…

1. You are not in charge of disciplining them

When the going gets tough, the tough… call Dad! His kids, his problem… or something like that. Basically, unless they’re about to fall in a river or stick a finger in a plug socket, you are usually able to defer to daddy. Perfect.

Christine clearly loves Frank Lampards' daughters (Credit: Instagram/ Christine Lampard)

2. You don't have stretch marks as you didn't actually give birth to them - hurrah!

Although, this only applies if you didn’t have kids yourself of course!

3. You can cook the same meals every time they visit

As you aren't cooking for them every day, your meal repertoire doesn’t have to be nearly as extensive as a full-time mum. Basically, you just need three dishes that you can cook regularly for years with no complaints. My top tips? Spag bol, egg and chips, pasta pesto = sorted.

4. Your mates without children or stepchildren think you are heroic

Take the medals and then tell them the reality. Like any mum, you aren’t always perfect with your stepchildren, but you do your best.

We bet Peter Andre showed Emily the parenting ropes (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre)

5. You get a crash course in parenting by watching their dad

Let your O/H be your parenting professor. Note his mistakes and successes, and then copy the good bits when he’s not around (obviously never admit this to him – you don’t want him getting a big head, after all!).

6. You can tease their Dad and get away with it

Kids love it when a parent is teased, and as a stepmother this is also a good way to get them onside. And if your O/H protests, you can tell him it’s all in the name of a bit of stepmum-stepchild bonding.

Julia Roberts proved stepmothers aren't always evil in Stepmom (Credit: Tristar)

7. It isn’t your fault when they behave badly

Tantrums and kids go together like bread and butter, but at least when one of your stepkids kicks off you can kind of kid yourself that it’s not really your fault… most of the time, at least!

8. If you don't have children of your own they might look after you when you are old

No pressure, no guarantees… but fingers crossed!

9. They tell you their secrets

Because as a step-parent you’re more like a cool aunt or older sister, so aren’t tarred with the untrustworthy parent brush. The best!

Geri Horner is stepmum to her husband's daughter Olivia (Credit: Instagram/ Geri Horner)

10. It is a privilege to impact on another child’s life

Yes, creating a good home for your stepchildren takes sacrifice, but it’s also seriously rewarding

11. When they say they love you they really mean it We all have to love our parents because, well, they’re our parents, but truth be told, stepchildren are under no such obligation to love their stepmums. So when they tell you they love you, they probably mean it, and it’s AWESOME!

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