REVEALED: The 100 most unique baby names of the year

REVEALED: The 100 most unusual baby names of the year


REVEALED: The 100 most unique baby names of the year

Would you be tempted to use one of these VERY unique names for your baby boy or girl?

It’s always tough picking out the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, especially with so much pressure to be unique nowadays.

But, thankfully, BabyCenter have done all the hard work for you.

After asking nearly half a million parents for their baby’s name, the site has compiled a list of the most creative baby names in the UK.

And they made sure that each of the names which feature on the list was given to at least three children.

Looking at the compilation, it seems as if pioneering parents took inspiration from pretty much everywhere, including their favourite bands (hey there, Zeppelin!) and their favourite beverage (people of the world, meet Hennessy!).

There were also a few car-inspired monikers (Audi and Royce made the list), as well as a few fashion brands (Dior) - and plenty more besides.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the most surprising, creative, and uncommon names given to babies in recent years.

Are you ready for this?

Unusual Baby Girl Names

  1. Agape

From the Greek, meaning ‘love’.

  1. Aggie

A Greek baby name meaning ‘poor’ or ‘chaste’

  1. Amore

Unsurprisingly, this means ‘love’.

  1. Audi

Not the car company, but from the Latin ‘audire’ which means ‘to listen’.

  1. Cheska

A shortening of Francesca which is, in turn, the feminine of ‘Franciscus’ which means ‘Frenchman’.

  1. Chia

Chinese name which means ’summer’.

  1. Cyan

The name of a greenish blue colour. It is, admittedly, a very nice colour.

  1. Elowen

Cornish/Welsh name meaning Elm.

  1. Esty

A shortening of Esther which some believe comes from the Peruvian ‘stara’ (star).

  1. Gitty

Widely believed to be from the Yiddish meaning ‘Good’.

  1. Harbor

Does what it says on the tin: this name comes from the place where a ship comes in.

  1. Harpa

An Icelandic name, likely taken from that of the first summer month in the old Icelandic calendar, but also possibly from Old Norse word ‘harpa’ meaning both ‘harp’ and ‘Lyra’, the constellation.

  1. Heavenleigh

English word meaning, to nobody’s great surprise, both ‘heaven’ and ‘heavenly’

  1. Hennessy

An Irish name meaning, amusingly, ‘surname’. Nice name though.

  1. Holiday

First person to guess what this means gets a prize. Hint: Madonna sang about it.

  1. Hyacinth

From the beautiful flower of the same name.

  1. Juju

Either from the Roma phrase meaning ‘luck’ or the French which means ‘plaything’.

  1. Kapri

A British name from the word Caprice, which comes from the French in the 1660s and means ‘whim’.

  1. Kutty

A Tamil surname that comes from the word ‘kutty’ used to describe a cute baby or child.

  1. Lark

Means ‘songbird’.

  1. Lynix

So contemporary, this doesn’t actually have an etymology as of yet - but it certainly is a pretty cool unisex name.

  1. Mahogany

A spanish word meaning ‘rich and strong’. Ok, it actually means ‘Dark wood, rich and strong’ but you can leave the wood bit out.

  1. Melrose

From the Ancient British (pre Roman) word ‘moel’ meaning a bare and barren place, and ‘rhos’, a moor or heath.

  1. Merci

This means ‘thank you’ in French. How polite.

  1. Monet

Apart from the famous artist, ‘Monet’ is French/Old Greek, with the French root meaning ‘descendant from the gods’

  1. Moon

Another name that is pretty much self explanatory.

  1. Neo

This French name means ‘New’. And also ‘Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

  1. Nisan

A biblical baby name meaning ‘miracle’. It also means ‘standard’, but probably stick with ‘miracle’.

  1. Nivea

No, surprisingly, this isn’t Latin for ‘good skin-care range’, but ‘snow-white’.

  1. Nixon

An abbreviation of Nicholas, which come from ‘Nike’, the Greek goddess of victory. Thankfully, Nixon has outgrown it’s 20th century meaning of ‘quite a bad President’.

  1. Pixie

A reference to the cute fairies, nobody can agree on the original meaning of the word itself. Some say it’s from the Swedish ‘pyske’ which means ‘wee little fairy’, but others refute this.

  1. Portia

A latin name meaning ‘an offering’.

  1. Posey

An alternative spelling of Posy which, in turn, is a shortening of Josephine. It’s a much of a muchness really, because all of these names mean ‘a bunch of flowers’.

  1. Quorra

Excitingly created specially for the film TRON:Legacy, this name is often misattributed as meaning ‘heart’ in Italian (cuore), except this word is never used as a name. Maybe go with it, though, if you’re not a TRON fan but want to call your child Quorra.

  1. Rhythm

Self explanatory (for anyone needing help: it means ‘rhythm’)

  1. Royce

A now pretty much defunct English word meaning ‘Royal’.

  1. Saffron

Named after a crocus, as well as the spice that is found on the stamen of sad crocus and costs roughly £100k in supermarkets.

  1. Salima

A Muslim name meaning ‘safe’ and ‘mild’.

  1. Sea

Means, erm, the sea (see also ‘Moon’ and ‘Rhythm’)

  1. Seneca

From the Roman meaning ‘old’ and also the name of a Native American tribe whose name meant ‘place of stones’.

  1. Sephora

Thought to be from the Hebrew name Zipporah which means ‘bird’.

  1. Sparrow

From the endangered English garden bird.

  1. Stormie

An English phrase meaning ‘tempest’.

  1. Tempest

An English phrase meaning ‘storm’ (see above)

  1. Tymber

An alternative spelling of ‘Timber’ which is from the Old English meaning ‘a building’ and the Indo-European word meaning ‘build’

  1. Violina

An English baby name meaning, surprisingly ‘logic’, ‘individual’ and ‘masculine’.

  1. Yolo

The most 21st century name you can get, this is from the popular phrase ‘You Only Live Once’.

  1. Zani

A Hebrew name meaning ‘gift from god’

  1. Zeek

Originally Aramaic, this name means ‘shooting star’ and ‘spark’.

  1. Zuly

From the name ‘Zulma’ which is an Arabic name meaning ‘healthy’ and ‘vigorous’.

Unusual Baby Boy Names

  1. Albin

From the Latin word ‘Albinus’ meaning ‘white’, and names after St Alban who was Britain’s first martyr.

  1. Anthem

From the Old English ‘antemn’ meaning ‘a song of devotion or patriotism’.

  1. Basil

Not just the herb, Basil is actually a Greek baby name meaning ‘Kingly’. Also great on tomato-based sauces.

  1. Bender

From the Old English surname ’Benden’ which means ‘to bend’.

  1. Berk

An English baby name originally meaning ‘the birch tree meadow’. Certainly an interesting choice for your child.

  1. Blayde

Alternative spelling of ‘Blade’ which is an English baby name meaning ‘wealthy glory’.

  1. Braven

While it’s origins are unknown, this name is widely thought to mean ‘strong, courageous warrior’.

  1. Castle

Self explanatory name meaning ‘castle’ or ‘fort’.

  1. Charleston

An English baby name meaning, quite literally, ‘a man’. Can’t argue with that.

  1. Dagon

The name of an ancient Levantine deity worshipped as a fertility God, commonly thought to come from a term meaning ‘grain’.

  1. Darko

A common Slavic name meaning ‘gift’.

  1. Denim

Well, it means denim. As in on your jeans. Which isn’t a bad thing to be named after.

  1. Dior

Fashion brands aside, this French name is closely related to ‘D’Or’ which means ‘golden’.

  1. Dodge

Surprisingly, this doesn’t just mean ‘to avoid’, but is a pet form of ‘Roger’ which in turn comes from the Anglo Saxon name ‘Hrothgar’ meaning ‘fame spear’.

  1. Elvin

An English baby name meaning ‘wise friend’.

  1. Ember

As you’d expect, this is an English name that means ‘hot ashes’.

  1. Eron

A Hebrew name commonly thought to mean ‘peace’ and ‘enlightened’.

  1. Falcon

Confusingly, this actually means ‘Sparrow’. Just kidding, of course it comes from the bird of the same name (for anyone unsure, that’s a falcon).

  1. Finnick

Made popular by The Hunger Games, this name actually comes from an Anglo Saxon place name ‘Fenwick’ that translates loosely as ‘marshland farm’.

  1. Guru

Sanskrit for ‘teacher’, but a has much more spiritual connotations than the English word for teacher.

  1. Hershey

Widely believed to be a Jewish name deriving from ‘Hersh’ which means ‘deer’ in Yiddish. Also, an American chocolate bar.

  1. Hilton

From the Old English ‘hyll’ meaning ‘hill’ or ‘settlement’ and ‘big hotel chain that does the job’. We made the last one up.

  1. Indy

Meaning ‘Independent’, and originating from America, this name is an alternative spelling to Indie.

  1. Jhase

Surprisingly, an English name meaning ‘spear warrior’ or ‘spear ruler’.

  1. Judge

Means pretty much what it is: a judge.

  1. Keats

Originally an Old English word (cyta or cyte) which was used to describe a worker in a shed or outhouse for animals.

  1. Koy

At English baby name originally meaning ‘the quiet place, from the woods’.

  1. Lorde

An alternative spelling to the word ‘Lord’, and it’s meaning is the same.

  1. Matix

A form of ‘Maddox’ which is originally a Welsh name meaning ‘son of Madoc’. Madoc was a famous explorer who sailed the world before Christopher Columbus.

  1. Mclean

An English version of the Gaelic word meaning ‘servant of Saint John’.

  1. Moody

An English and Irish nickname for someone who is ‘courageous, arrogant or foolhardy’ but, more happily, it comes from the Old English ‘modig’ which means ‘brave’. Much better.

  1. Nashton

An English name meaning ‘caller’, ‘delicate’, ‘announcer’ and slightly worryingly, ‘moist’. Cool name though.

  1. Onix

Has it’s origins in the Old Greek language, this is a variation of Onyx which means ‘black stone’.

  1. Patch

A medieval name of unknown origin, some speculate it came from Pazzo, the short form of a Germanic name meaning ‘fight’.

  1. Piers

An old English Christian name with the same origins as Peter, from the Greek word meaning ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.

  1. Ranger

A French baby name meaning ‘ward of the forest’.

  1. Rexx

Meaning ‘king’, this is an alternative spelling of the English, French and German word ’Rex’.

  1. Rocko

An alternative spelling to ‘Rocco’ which originally comes from the Germanic word ‘hrok’ meaning ‘rest’.

  1. Roper

Unsurprisingly, this family name comes from a maker or seller of rope and is from the Old English ‘rap’ which means, again unsurprisingly, ‘rope’.

  1. Senne

From the Old French word senne, meaning ‘assembly’ or ‘gathering’, but also possibly from the Old French ‘Sene’ meaning ‘wise and sensible’. Take your pick.

  1. Simba

The meaning of the name Simba is ‘lion’ and in no way does that surprise us.

  1. Tallon

From the Germanic ‘tal’ which means ‘destroy’.

  1. Taro

A Japanese name suffix for males which means ‘eldest son’ or, more literally, ‘big boy’.

  1. Tiger

Confusingly, this means ‘lion’. No obviously we’re joking, it comes from the big, endangered striped cat of the same name.

  1. Viggo

A Nordic male name from the word ‘vig’ which means ‘battle, fight’.

  1. Vino

A Tamil name which genuinely means ‘wine’.

  1. Walden

A Teutonic baby name which means ‘strong fighter’.

  1. Wolf

Self explanatory name (see also: Tiger)

  1. Zealand

Zealand comes from the Dutch ‘Zeeland’ which is a place name in the Netherlands.

  1. Zeppelin

It does in fact mean what it says: airship or blimp. An interesting choice, but hey, it’s the 21st century right?

Which of these unusual baby names is your favourite? Let us know via the comments box below now.



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