Four year olds talking about marriage will make your day

The highlight of 2016 TV

The Secret Life of Four Year Olds is probably one of the best shows we have ever been blessed with. For those of you who don't know, it's a Channel 4 documentary around the fascinating things four year olds encounter. It's incredibly funny, nostalgic and makes us pray each night that our little ones to NEVER grow up.

Please stay cute and silly forever, please.

This week's episode was arguably the best one yet as it starred Layton and his classmate Orlagh who were DESPERATE to get married during playtime. Don't they realise all the washing up and awful in-laws that comes with getting hitched? Enjoy your youth, children!

Then Orlagh leans in for a kiss after tying their nuptials (complete with crown and gown) and Layton defiantly stops her and says, 'No! Stop! You've got a coleslaw!'

'Remember, you've got a coleslaw, don't kiss tonight because you've got a coleslaw remember.'

A coleslaw! We are in hysterics!

Instead of finalising their marriage ceremony with a kiss, they decided to serenade eachother with ABBA songs instead.

Don't you just hate it when coleslaw ruins a wedding?

Watch the vido here:

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