SHOCK as Paperchase puts X-Rated Valentine's Day cards in the kids section

Valentine’s Day divides people. Some will spend the run-up drawing hearts in their diary, trying on lacy underwear sets and trying to master a main dish which isn’t smiley potato faces. Others would rather flowers were bought for them spontaneously on a Thursday afternoon, not just because it was expected of them.

Whichever you camp your fall in, most of us have sent a mushy Valentine’s Day card. Even if it was to ourselves, with a cadbury’s milk tray attached to it. It’s nice to be nice.

BUT, cards can be a bit cringy. Especially if your partner is new, or has only got emotional once and that was something about Manchester United losing 3-0.

With that in mind, Paperchase coined together some brilliantly funny cards to get around that emotional, soppy business, with the rather blunt ‘I love your big c*ck’ and ‘We go together like my penis and vagina’ messages.

HONEST CARDS. Why not, eh. Even if they’re more filthy then the kitchen counter when your husband’s been left in charge.

HOWEVER, Paperchase didn’t think about the positioning of the x-rated cards and plonked them right next to the children’s stationary section. OH DEAR.

"Cards like that shouldn't be put near fluffy unicorns," Dee told Mercury. "I definitely want them removed. I'm often in the store with my children buying birthday presents for their friends or they're spending their pocket money on new things for their pencil case. I don't understand why everything must be reduced to the most basic and frankly brutal sexual level."

Since the outcry of Twitter users, Paperchase have removed the entire section.

A spokeperson said, “We have listened to customer feedback on social media and have removed the offending cards from display with immediate effect.

"We thank our customers for telling us what they think and appreciate their directness and honesty.’

Looks like you are going to have to send a soppy ‘be mine’ card, after all.

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