So THIS is why your clothes get tiny holes in them (and what you can do to stop it!)

It's one of life's greatest bugbears.

You shell out money on new clothes, spend hours painstakingly washing/drying/ironing/folding... only to then find a small hole in the fabric.


Is it because of moths? A faulty washing machine? Are my kids plotting revenge against me because I wouldn't let them have another slice of banana bread?

No, no and no. Apparently the small holes are more likely to be from your jeans and belts.

Bayard Winthrop, the founder of clothing company America Giant, told Today: “That part of the shirt is a primary abrasion point.

“The fabric there is rubbing against the hardware: your belt, the tops of your jeans, all points of wear.

“The friction, repeated over time, has caused the fabric to deteriorate.”

AT LAST, IT ALL MAKES SENSE. So what can we do, without ditching our jeans and belt (which are frankly our wardrobe staples.)

“The real culprit here is often the fabric itself," he said.

"The garment itself might be produced as cheaply as possible, cutting costs where possible."

“Look for brands that call out what type of cotton they are using – a longer fibre length if a good sign – and how the garment is constructed.”

So there you have it! Spend more money on quality basics or risk a meltdown over your ironing board.

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