From Small Soirees to Feeding the Masses: Here’s Your Family Christmas Covered

Sponsored by Aldi.

Christmas dinner is pretty much like a wedding, isn’t it? The level of preparation is crazy, the guest list is competitive, and you begin to realise how many “close family members” you really have.

Whether you’re hosting a small soiree or feeding the masses, there is some entertaining to be done prior to the main event. Aldi has many diverse dishes and platters to whet your guests’ appetites before the roast hits the table.

The Picky Child

Add some Christmas sparkle to the standard mini burger with British pork and pastrami sliders. Oozing with a Memphis style BBQ, or a mustard and pickle, sauce, the picky child will devour the hamburger upgrade.

The Traditional Grandparent

Also in this spread is a pie - and you can never go wrong with a pie. The traditional grandparent will love the warming British beef complimented by deliciously distinctive Dorset brown ale. Baked golden brown, they’ll be gone before you’ve even washed the oven tray.

The Meat–Free Sibling

For non-meat eaters, Christmas dinner can be a bit of a let-down. Well, not this year! Before Aldi’s Vegetarian Bake (apricots, goats’ cheese, sautéed root vegetables on a rustic pastry base, FYI) serve up these scrumptious sprouts with a parmesan, garlic and fresh sage crumble. If sprouts aren’t their thing, roasted carrots and parsnip batons with honey and pomegranate seeds are rich in both flavour and colour. Veg just got a racy makeover.

The Flashy Uncle

Add a touch of decadence to the feast with exquisite smoked Scottish salmon, infused with mojito, or gin and tonic flavours. The gaudy guest will be most impressed. Accompany with a glass of Maynard’s port from Aldi’s 100 years of port gift boxes.

The One With All The Allergies

It’s a little disheartening to sit around a hearty Christmas spread, full of food that makes you ill… or worse. Whether you’re allergic to nuts, dairy or shellfish (or even all three), you needn’t go hungry, or compromise on taste. Hand crafted with the finest ingredients, Aldi’s cracker selection is anything but bland. Dip, or spread, ploughman’s plum chutney for a flavoursome kick.

For all the dishes mentioned, and tons more for your Christmas feast, visit your local Aldi.

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