Mum shamed for letting her toddler use their potty in a packed restaurant

Would you let your child use their potty in the middle of restaurant? One mother did and (almost) everyone is APPALLED!

Having a toddler is hard work, no one's denying that, and sometimes it can be hard to see out of the baby bubble, but one mum seems to have well and truly lost a grip on what is normal, socially acceptable beahviour!

Posting in the AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable for non-Mumsnetters) section of Mumsnet, one mother wrote: "Last night, having a meal at 7 in a nice pub and a parent got their child to use the potty by their table. This isn't normal, is it?!"

One mum took to Mumsnet to share her shock (Credit: Mumsnet)

Well, as you can imagine, the replies soon came flooding in...

Most replies ranged from disgust to shock.

One fellow Mumsnet user simply wrote: "You know the answer....of course it isn't. Yuck!"

While another added: "Gross. Up there with changing a pooey nappy in your booth at a restaurant."

And a third pointed out that the parent's were failing in their duties to potty train their child properly, explaining: "Absolutely foul, I never had to do this. Why not take the potty to the toilet and put the child there, they are learning to use the toilet, so parents should do that. They have to learn they can't do their business anywhere they want. That is not teaching them!"

Have you ever let your child use their potty in public? (Credit: Getty)

Replying to comments asking for more details, the poster - who goes by the name Todayistuesday - wrote: "They had a potty with the liners, can't remember what they're called - fab btw. So she tied the bag, then went and disposed of it.

"I thought about saying something to the staff or the people themselves - if it had been just our family I would have done. I was with my parents and I think they would have found it uncomfortable if I complained.

"To be honest, I'm not sure I would have changed their behaviour anyway; if you're so oblivious/entitled/socially inept you'll go ahead anyway? To make matters worse, the boy really did look old enough to be able to get to a toilet."

She also later added: "I couldn't imagine doing it myself. They were with friends as well,how embarrassing would it be to be part of a group and someone did that!"

Do you agree that pottys belong in the bathroom? (Credit: Getty)

But although most people swore they'd never do such a thing, a number of Mumsnet users sited times when they'd been in similar situations. One user wrote: "A woman at our toddler group did that once, and then just pushed the potty full off poo under the table until she'd finished her coffee and cake.

"Someone did make a comment about hygiene/ the risks of it being knocked over by crawling infants etc, but she just blithely waved off their concerns."

Would you ever let your child use their potty in a restaurant? Or, indeed, in public? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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