Winter baby names: 51 beautiful wintry baby names - and their meanings

Expecting a winter baby? These seasonal baby boy and girl are all perfect choices…

1. Alaska

The name Alaska, traditionally used for girls, conjures up images of beautiful snowy plains and mountains.

2. Aspen

This unisex name comes from a graceful poplar tree, with heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the breeze. It’s also the name of a VERY trendy ski resort, meaning that your little one will be in good company.

3. Aster

The unisex name Aster means “star” - which brings to mind that infamous Star of Bethlehem.

4. Aubin

Meaning "white, blonde”, this French boy’s name is perfect for a winter baby.

5. Bodhi

Meaning ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’, the name Bodhi comes from the Buddhist holiday in December.

6. Bianca

This pretty italian name means ‘white’ - and has long been associated with wintry scenes.

7. Carol

Carol, meaning ‘free man’, is a great celebratory name for a Christmas baby.

8. Christian

Another good choice for baby boys born around Christmas-time, this Greek name means ‘follower of Christ’.

9. Cole

Cole may be a short name, but it has a lot of richness and depth. And, meaning ‘coal black’, it is strongly evocative of stockings, fireplaces and snowmen!

10. Colden

This ‘cold’ moniker comes from Old English and means “dark valley.”

11. Cypress

The moniker Cypress comes from the long-living tree that often grows up north.

12. Douglas

One of the most popular types of Christmas tree, Douglas is attached to a powerful Scottish clan renowned for their strength and courage.

13. Eira

Eira is the Welsh name for “snow” and is pronounced AY-ra.

14. Eirwen

This unique Welsh name means “white as snow” and is pronounced AY-ren

15. Ember

This cute unisex name makes us think of warm, glowing fireplaces and all things cosy.

16. Gabriel / Gabrielle

The name of the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus' birth, Gabriel (or Gabrielle) is a fab name for Christmas babies.

17. Garnet

The birthstone of January, Garnet is full of warmth and possibility for winter baby boys AND girls.

18. Guinevere

This name, the very same given to King Arthur’s beautiful queen, means "fair, white”.

19. Gwendolen

We love this pretty Welsh name; meaning "white, fair, blessed”, it can be shortened to Gwen if you want something a little snappier.

20. Gwenyth

Another Welsh name, this one ALSO means "white, fair, blessed" - winner.

21. Holly

This pretty girl’s name is obviously taken from the wintry red berries of the same name.

22. Iclyn

Iclyn makes us think of icicles and snowflakes - but it also has a great meaning: “compassionate, idealistic”.

23. Ivy

Another name taken from a gorgeous deep green winter plant, this name means ‘faithfulness’.

24. Jack

Meaning “God is gracious”, this name is traditionally associated with Jack Frost.

25. January

Named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, January is becoming a VERY popular girl’s name. Think of Mad Men’s January Jones if you don’t believe us!

26. Jasper

Meaning “bringer of treasure”, this beautiful persian boy’s name has long been associated with the Three Wise Men.

27. Jenara

Just like January, this name is dedicated to Roman god Janus.

28. Kenyon

Meaning ‘white-haired’, this would be a good choice for a winter baby.

29. Krystal

This name means ‘Follower of Christ’ - but it makes us think of snowflakes, and frosty mornings, and all things beautiful.

30. Lumi

This cute Finnish name means ‘snow’ - perfect!

31. Merry

This Welsh baby name can be used for either gender - and it DEFINITELY makes us think of Christmas. But the meaning is a bit less jolly and a LOT more serious’ how does ‘Guardian of the Sea’ suit you?

32. Natasha

A Russian name meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’ (aka Christmas), we love this powerful wintry moniker.

33. Neve

This pretty girl’s name means ‘snow’.

34. Nicholas

The Greek name Nicholas, meaning ‘people's victory’, has been associated with jolly old St Nick since forever.

35. Noël

This sweet boy’s name literally means ‘Christmas’ in French.

36. Noëlle

And, obviously, this little girl’s name means ‘Christmas’ in French.

37. Oakley

Conjuring up images of wintry oak trees, this is a strong name choice for a boy.

38. Olwen

This cute and unusual name means “white footprint”.

39. Quilo

If you’re looking for an unusual name, this one comes from Roman mythology referring to the North Wind.

40. Robin

The German name Robin means ‘famed, bright, and shining’ - but we always think of the pretty red-breasted bird that sits on our Christmas cards.

41. Rory

We love this Irish name; it literally means ‘red king’ - perfect for a winter baby boy!

42. Rudolph

He may be a famous reindeer, but the name Rudolph actually means ‘wolf’ - and the nickname Rudy is just adorable.

43. Seren

Another name meaning ‘star’, this Welsh moniker is gorgeous.

44. Snow

It’s officially a girl’s name - who knew?

45. Viola

The flower for the month of February is viola.

46. Violet

The birth stone for the month of February is Violet.

47. Whittaker

This old-fashioned name means "white field" - so, if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, this is the perfect name for you.

48. Winnie

Meaning “holy peacemaking, gentle friend”, this pretty name could be a sweet shortened version of ‘Winter’.

49. Winter

Fresh, brisk and cool (ha!), Winter is now a full-fledged name for both baby boys AND girls.

50. Wren

Another winter bird, this lilting songbird name comes from the very same songbird that the Irish have dubbed the “magician of birds”.

51. Yukio

Yukio is the Japanese moniker for “snow.”

Which of these winter baby names is your favourite?

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