13 inspiring Women's March signs held by CHILDREN <3

The next generation are superheros

January 21 will go down in History books as a day where women across the globe united and showed the world (and Donald Trump) that women will not be backing down.

Oh no. In fact, we will be fighting like GIRLS to make sure the world is a fairer place.

Here are 13 of the best signs held defiantly by small children. A small word of warning - Your. Heart. Will. Melt.

1. Stop the bullies!

2. Women can do ANYTHING

3. Unleash your inner- Hermione

4. OOooh Burn!

5. A five-year-old has more sense then the US President (lol)

6. Two mums are great!

7. We are STRONG

8. A Jusin Bieber inspired banners are our FAVE

9. ‘The truth is you don’t think a girl would have been clever enough’ - Hermione Granger

10. Some have a feeling Trump won't be around for long...

11. So inspiring!

12. The most powerful word, said by the most powerful woman

The importance of staying 'woke' demonstrated by a toddler!

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