How to have a FREE night in a hotel

We’ve discovered a hotel reward scheme that means you can redeem free nights super speedily and save some extra cash too – ready, (jet) set and off you go…

It’s holiday season and if you’re yet to book this year’s last minute cheap holiday then we may have found the solution. Or, if you’re hunting for a weekend away that doesn’t break the bank the Wyndham Hotel Group may have the answer.

There are lots of hotel loyalty schemes but Wyndham Rewards– that includes 15 different hotel brands from five star luxury at the likes of Dolce hotels to budget friendly Days Inn – have a new summer programme means you can earn more points and redeem the freebies faster than with any other hotel chain.

Every time you book a stay at one of the hotels in the Wyndham Hotel group, you’ll receive 10 points for every US dollar you spend, or 1,000 points on every qualified stay - whichever is more. For example if you book two night’s stay costing £150 per night – you’ll earn 3,000 points and if you spend £80 on one night’s stay you’ll earn 1,000 points.

What this means is you can then put the points towards a FREE stay in one of their hotels, once you’ve got 15,000 points you can book a free night at any Wyndham hotel of your choice. You can even book on peak times including Christmas Day, News Year’s Eve and bank holidays – lucky you!

And if you’ve not got enough points you can put them towards a night’s stay and pay the outstanding balance – you just need to have a minimum of 3,000 points. So there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a Valentine’s night away in advance, or a treat before Christmas. With 8,000 hotels across the world, maybe now is the time to explore.

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Our choice of Wyndham Hotel would be the Dolce Sitges, just outside of Barcelona, it’s the ultimate hideaway to enjoy the culture, creativity and chaos of Barcelona from a distance. Just 40 minutes drive from the airport and Barcelona it’s the perfect post-party getaway or mini break haven. You can breakfast outside drinking in a view of the Mediterranean sea, before spending the day hopping between the five pools or heading to the spa.


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