How to get the most out of Cyber Monday and Cyberweekend deals

Get ready to shop, but don't be fooled by fake 'deals' on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? No, don’t worry neither have we. But we are keen to get going with it, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday both upcoming in the next week it’s a great time to make a plan!

It seems that Brits are going to be spending large amounts on Christmas again this year - apparently around £1,500 each according to a new report - on everything from presents to decorating their houses. Annual research from American Express has found a bumper £75.5 billion will be spent across the nation in 2016 to celebrate Christmas, just £6 less per person compared to 2015.

First up, start by reading our fantastic tips and tricks for shopping on Black Friday – and get as many great deals as you can, both in-store and online this week and on the day itself.

Then if you still have people to shop for, and you didn’t manage to grab everything you wanted on Black Friday, try getting online for Cyber Monday and you won’t lose out – plus you don’t even have to leave the house/office or get beaten to a pulp because everything’s on the internet!

What is Cyber Monday?

After Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year – comes Cyber Monday. Initially Cyber Monday was all about computer products and gadgets (we guess because back in the day only geeky people were dropping serious money online shopping), but now Cyber Monday deals cover all ranges of products such as audio, home & kitchen appliances, jewellery, clothing, toys and books – so pretty much all of your Christmas bases covered, thank the lord. Realistically retailers should be looking to re-adjust deals which didn’t work on Black Friday, or offer new products on sale.

Last year, UK shoppers spent £968m on Cyber Monday deals - that’s not quite as much as the £1.1bn splashed on Black Friday – but it’s been growing every year, as the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday continues to blur; many retailers are now approaching the weekend after Thanksgiving as a single huge long ‘Cyberweekend’ or Black Friday wekeend.

What is Cyberweekend?

As shops extend their offers, or begin them early in order to outdo each other it seems this whole period can be viewed as a good time to get good deals on products – if you’ve done your homework. Black Friday deals are available for 12 days prior to the actual day on Amazon, and other retailers are also getting in on the act of extending their offers before or after the day to encourage people to spend. In the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can also expect to see a lot of deals live so keep an eye out - this is what's becoming Cyberweekend or Black Friday weekend.

Fake deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It’s also worth noting that some deals you'll see will be pretty much totally fake - if you think about it this is a GREAT time to try and shift stock which doesn't move around the rest of the year for whatever reason. Research for retail watchdog Which has revealed that some of the savings quoted on the products featured were not in fact using the most recent prices for the items to show the savings. It seems that a lot of stores are just looking to encourage shoppers to part with their cash during the weekend frenzy.

There are a vast number of products, from vacuum cleaners to coffee machines which are already frequently discounted, and these deals will often go into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday lists. It’s worth being aware that these products rarely sell for full price, and you can get around being fooled by doing some research now. It should be easy to shop around before the offers launch to get an idea of what you should expect to pay for a product you’ve got your eye on, so you’ll know a good deal when you see one. And make sure you know the brands you want to focus on – some brands you've never heard of may offer huge 'savings' but put you in danger of ending up with bad products.

How to get the best Cyber Monday/Cyberweekend deals

Follow your favourite brands and retailers on social media and if you’re really keen register your email address with shops which send e-alerts – visit online and work out the items you are keen on first. Deals move fast so make sure you stay near your phone or your computer to ensure you don’t miss that crucial must-have piece!

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