How get on the road to blog stardom

Author of The Million Dollar Blog Natasha Courtenay-Smith shares some tips on how to start a successful blog

  • With so many blogs on the net, you need to think about what makes yours unique and stand out amongst all the competitors. Think about your mission statement – what are you planning to achieve with your blog? What are you offering your readers?

  • Invest in good photography. If you want your blog to look good then the photos have to be good quality. Many bloggers also use video content. It’s worth getting clued up on this too.

Good photography can make your blog stand out from the crowd

  • Write snappy copy. Your content should be easily skimmable. Concentrate on writing short pars, using subheads and quotes in different formats.

  • Tech up! You can learn all the skills to create a blog on YouTube and other videos online. It’s a steep learning curve up it will be worth it in the end.

  • Be persistent – most blogs fail because people run out of steam so don’t lose momentum. Once your blog is set up, aim to post at least two pieces a week.

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  • Have a constant flow of content – sometimes I backdate copy three or four months in advance so I always have a constant stream of material appearing of blogs I am working on. Bloggers use sites like WordPress to manage their content but it’s worth investing on a good domain name on a registration service such as 123reg.

  • If you are planning to make money out of your blog, it’s necessary to come up with a business plan. How are you going to attract advertisers and brands to your blog? How will you attract readers and build a loyal fan base big enough for outside organisers to get involved?

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  • Invest in a good laptop to manage content on your blog – it’s good to have a quality picture editing programme.

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