You’ve been reading the wrong horoscope: Your REAL star sign, revealed!


You’ve been reading the wrong horoscope: Your REAL star sign, revealed!

It turns out you’ve probably been reading the wrong horoscope for years now; time to find out your real star sign…

Whether you religiously check the horoscopes each and every single day, or you don’t believe in astrology whatsoever, you probably are familiar with your star sign.

After all, 98% of people know whether they’re a Taurus, or a Libra, or a Scorpio, or whatever.

So it’s pretty surprising to think that we’ve probably been reading the wrong ones all this time, isn’t it?

Yup, BBC iWonder have revealed that a whopping 86% of us were actually born under a different constellation to our star sign, based on how the sky exists today.

They explain: “The dates of the ‘star signs’ were fixed, over 2,000 years ago, when the zodiac was first devised.

“Then, they corresponded to the constellation of stars that appeared behind the Sun on the day you were born.

“But an astronomical phenomenon, unknown at the time, means that the constellations have drifted since then.”

Which, to put it bluntly, means that the sky has changed and we’re all reading the wrong horoscopes.

Damn it.



Original: 21st March to 20th April

New: 19th April to 14th May


Original: 21st April to 21st May

New: 15th May to 21st June


Original: 22nd May to 21st June

New: 21st June to 20th July


Original: 22nd June to 22nd July

New: 21st July to 10th August


Original: 23rd July to 23rd August

New: 11th August to 16th September


Original: 24th August to 22nd September

New: 17th September to 31st October


Original: 23rd September to 23rd October

New: 1st November to 23rd November


Original: 24th October to 22nd November

New: 24th November to 30th November


Original: N/A - this guy (known casually as 'The Serpent Bearer' is a newbie!

New: 1st December to 18th December


Original: 23rd November to 22nd December

New: 19th December to 19th January


Original: 23rd December to 20th January

New: 20th January to 16th February


Original: 21st January to 19th February

New: 17th February to 11th March


Original:20th February to 20th March

New: 12th March to 18th April

Here’s the new zodiac calendar for you to check out; time found out your actual star sign…

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