Lose 5lbs and get a flat tummy in 5 days with Jason Vale's juicing diet plan

Always liked the idea of a juicing plan but don't know where to start? Well we sat down with expert Jason Vale who told us all about the science behind the plan.

Jason also shared his 5 day plan, along with recipes, so if you are looking to cleanse your body and give yourself an extra shot of energy then look no further.

We asked Jason Vale, 'Master Cleanser', why juicing works...

Why is juicing so popular?

What are the main health benefits apart from weight loss of juicing?

Some critics say juicing is just a quick fix to lose weight fast which means you'll put it straight back on, and also that it leaves them feeling hungry. How do you respond to that?

Jason Vale

I have received tens of thousands of testimonials from people who have not simply lost huge amounts of weight in short amounts of time, but who have gone on to hit their target weights and keep the weight off. The key is the right 'coaching' along with the right juice programme.

The key is the right 'coaching' along with the right juice programme

Shopping list

You can find everything you need at the supermarket apart from the Super Greens/Ultimate Super Food and Hunger SOS natural energy bars, available from

25 apples - preferably Golden Delicious

Natural Teas

Optional extras:
Herbal tea x 1 or 2 boxes
Honey – preferably Manuka x 1 pot
Mint x 1 pot
Ginger x 1 small claw
Lemon x 3
Mineral water – still or sparkling x 5 bottles
Super Greens* x 1 bottle

Hunger SOS

During the five days, depending on what you are doing and how you find the plan, you may feel the need for something extra. Each day you are allowed ONE of the following, so adjust your shopping list accordingly:

Juice Master’s ‘Juice-in-a-Bar’
Juice Master’s ‘Simply Nude Bar’


For this plan you will need:

  • To look at the shopping list (and buy all your fruit and veg in one go

  • Buy or borrow a good quality blender. Jason recommends the Philips range, particularly the HR1861 Alu juicer, but you can pick up one for as cheap as £18.69 from Argos

  • Make and drink four juices a day plus an SOS hunger bar if you need it (available at If you can't get hold of a hunger bar, you can snack on half an avocado or sugar snap peas

  • Drink lots of water and herbal tea with Manuka honey if you have a sweet tooth

  • Jason also recommends exercise throughout the plan to boost your metabolism and weight loss. Aim for an hour a day of anything that makes you sweaty!

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