The 10 best and worst maternity Christmas jumpers EVER...

Yes, you SHALL still go to the Christmas party...

We all love a Christmas jumper don't we? For a while we thought it was just a fad but it's definitely become an established holiday tradition, along with TV Christmas specials, engineering works on National Rail lines and uneaten mince pies.

Can you buy maternity Christmas jumpers?

Everyone needs a Christmas jumper of some description, for family days spent eating and lolling around, and the office Christmas party. But what happens when you're pregnant, and you still want to join in? If you're further along than four or five months along you'll want something with a bit of room in, and, well, since it's Christmas isn't it a chance to get in on the jokey action?

Those of you looking for maternity Christmas jumpers won't be disappointed – there are many available to buy online or in the shops, or alternatively some people have fun making their own versions, according to their own senses of humour. Some are lovely, and some are, well, interesting if we are trying to be polite.

We've rounded up the five worst and five best maternity Christmas jumpers on the internet so look no further...

The 5 best maternity Christmas jumpers to buy

1. Fair Isle-style jumper

This is a lovely take on a Fair Isle jumper and the wrap around your waist accentuates the fact you still actually have one, bump or no bump. So this is a really nice way to do the Christmas jumper thing without looking even more enormous than you already feel.

2. The best present

We're finding the tag line a little big cheesy, but hey - Christmas is the time to be cheesy, and a baby is the best present anyone could ever get, so we're just going to go with it

3. Santa ain't got nothing on this belly!

Well you know, you're going to be eating a lot anyway, a few more potatoes won't do anyone any harm – you're eating for two after all!

4.ASOS Maternity - Reindeer face

This is really cute, and warm, not too shouty and we are off to get one soon, just in case we're ever pregnant at Christmas! We love it!

5. Snow globe

Ok ok, it's not technically a jumper, but after all that Christmas pudding and chocolate we're bound to be even more overheated than usual, so this cute snow-globe festive t-shirt might be a good investment for the holiday period...

The worst maternity Christmas jumpers ever

So bad they're... good?

1. Mothercare Little Pudding Jumper

This is pretty terrible as a jumper, and sort of makes no sense - like who's the pudding? Is the baby the pudding? Is Mummy eating extra pudding at Christmas? Is Mummy getting fat? What is HAPPENING here??

2. Rudolph the reindeer

You can't buy this one, thank goodness. The nice lady here made her own maternity Christmas jumper out of a man's large sweater – food for thought if you're on a budget perhaps, although we're having trouble getting on board with that nose – I mean your belly's big enough already surely?!

3. It's cold outside

Well, yes it is cold outside, but we're still not comfortable with the idea of the baby peeping out by grabbing his mum's SKIN and opening her up to see what the temperature is like! Sorry. Put it away, we are trying to eat!

4. I was naughty this year!

Words can't even begin to express how inappropriate it is to bring up your sex life in front of extended family members gathered around you at Christmas. Can you imagine how old Uncle Albert is going to deal with that one?

5. Just….. nope!

Thank your lucky stars nobody can buy this horrific example of a maternity Christmas jumper – it looks like another homemade attempt and has been grabbed off someone's Facebook page. And also like something out of one of those Chucky films from the 1980s. We're just glad that whoever made it gets to remain anonymous as at least their head is cut off in the picture. It's just slightly disturbing, non?

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