15 Christmas Jumpers for the Grinch, Santa Claus and the average Joe

Even if you don't LOVE Christmas we've got the perfect jumper for you...

The Christmas season is upon us, are you ready? Nope? We’re not either.

As soon as Halloween was over the Christmas lights were switched on, the best Christmas toys was everyone’s main concern and of course Christmas Jumpers started appearing in shops.


Whether you’re Santa Claus himself or the Grinch we all love a Christmas jumper and we’ve decided to round up the best affordable jumpers on the market!

Christmas Jumpers For Festive Drama Queens

If you're one of those people who count down Christmas from August, binge-watches Christmas movies from November and of course wear jumpers that SCREAM Christmas, we think you’ll LOVE these jumpers.

1. Christmas Jumper: Overload

Nothing says Christmas jumper than a jumper that’s overloaded with Christmas stuff. This one has trees, polar bears, penguins and of course festive phrases such as "Ho-Ho-Ho" and "Merry and Bright". No one will be around you and forget Christmas is on its way anytime soon!

Black Long Sleeve Knitted Christmas Jumper, New Look, £14.99.

2. Christmas Jumper: Bright and red

This jumper is red, cheesy and all around Christmassy. We love it and it’s the complete opposite of the Grinch. WE reckon it’ll get anyone in the Christmas spirit.

Very Merry Xmas Washing Line Embellished Jumper, Very, £19.50.

3. Christmas Jumper: For a couple

Nothing says Christmas cheese like matching Christmas jumpers, but this jumper is one you share with your other half or friend. We love it and think it would look great at a Christmas party, until you need to go in different directions, that is.

Boohoo Two Person Christmas Jumper, ASOS, £22.

4. Christmas Jumper: My Gran Knitted this.…

This jumper is sooooo Christmassy it look like your Nan has knitted it and we love that. It looks cosy, warm and has Goofy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse on the front.

Disney Happy Holidays Christmas Jumper, Tesco, £20.

5. Christmas Jumper: With lights

For all you crazy Christmas people who just love a jumper (we’re also guilty) this festive knit is pefect! Not only does it have a jazzy reindeer on the front, but it also LIGHTS UP. Yes. It lights up. If that doesn’t silently wish people Merry Christmas we don’t know what does….

Red Herring Narvy Reindeer Light Up Christmas Jumper, Debenhams, £25.

Christmas Jumpers for the average Joe

If you like Christmas but don't like to go overboard with the decorations and the knitwear then check these out...

6. Christmas Jumper: So Much Pugness

Not only do we love this jumper because it’s a pastel pink colour but how adorable is the pug on the front wearing the Santa’s hat? We love it, it’s not too bold but it still has the festive hat.

Novelty Embellished Animal Print Jumper, Marks and Spencer, £29.50.

7. Christmas Jumpers: Wine O’Clock

Christmas is a time for family, food and of course alcohol which is why this jumper might be a favourite of ours. This jumper is perfect for people who like Christmas but don’t want to go too OTT. Slogan Crew Neck Jumper, Marks and Spencer, £29.50.

8. Christmas Jumper: DIY Make your Own

This jumper is perfect for everyone. You literally make it yourself, so you can make it as fun as you want or as boring as you. Of course, you can design it in the middle – not too bright but cute enough that people know Christmas is on its way.

Paperchase Make Your Own Christmas Jumper, ASOS, £16.

9. Christmas Jumper: It’s Prosecco Time

Not only do we love this jumper because it’s plain but has the Christmas colours – gold and red – on it but it also has a funny pun on it. We reckon this jumper is the perfect way to hint to your secret Santa – Prosecco anyone?

Cream Prosecc - Ho Ho Ho Jumper, New Look, £14.99.

10. Christmas Jumpers: Reindeer inspired

Can’t remember the name of Father Christmas’ reindeers? Well look no further than your jumper. This jumper is perfect to wear for an everyday wear - it doesn’t scream Christmas but it's in the right spirit.

F&F Santa’s Reindeer Christmas Jumper, Tesco, £20.

Christmas Jumpers for the Grinch

We all know someone who isn't the biggest fan of Christmas, so here’s a few jumpers they’ll definitely want to wear! (perhaps)

11. Christmas Jumper: The Grinch

Nothing says Grinch like, well, the Grinch. This jumper isn’t bright, it has the Grinch on it and it’s £12 – what more could you want?

Dr. Seuss Don’t Be a Grinch Jumper, Asda George, £12.

12. Christmas Jumper: Plain but not Jane

This jumper is perfect if you’re not a fan of Christmas and don’t mind saying so. It’s plain and perfect if you’re against dramatic Christmas jumpers.

Adolescent Clothing Christmas This Is My Festive Jumper, ASOS, £28.

13. Christmas Jumper: Knitting Pattern

This is a very down toned festive Christmas jumper. There’s no signs of Santa, reindeers, snow men or bright flashing lights. This jumper can be worn at any time during the winter – so don’t worry no one will think you’re obsessed with Chrimbo or a saddo wearing it in January.

Asos Retro Christmas Jumper, ASOS, £22.

14. Christmas Jumper: How Very Ice of You

Do you get it - because ice-skates?

Anyway… We love this embellished Christmas jumper, the ice skates are cute and we would wear this to the office, in pub and any time during the winter.

Very Embellished Christmas Jumper With Ice Skating Boots, Very, £20.

15. Christ Jumper: Where Are My Presents?

Just because you don't want a flashy Christmas jumper doesn't me you don't want one at all. So for all you scrooges out there we think this jumper is perfect and straight to the point - demanding your xmas prezzies.

Only Have My Presents Christmas Sweatshirt, ASOS, £14.

Whatever festive jumper you wear make sure you wear it proudly this Christmas!

Have you bought any of these jumpers? Or do you have an old favourite?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@CloserOnline).

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