This summer's best DD+ swimwear

Because people with bigger boobs want to wear nice things this summer too

For girls with a larger cup size than the average woman, shopping for clothes can be quite the task.

For those in the A-D cup range, there’s so much variety to choose from in the underwear and swimwear departments.

And have you noticed how much more colour there is compared to those buying DD+?

We’re not sure about you, but for anyone in the DD+ range, we also find it difficult to find a bikini that gives us some support; you know, for the time we all do the Baywatch run down the beach?

Because we certainly don’t look like Kate Upton.

And we have to hold our boobs in place as we’re running.

So we’ve done some digging, and thankfully we’re starting to see more variety for those who struggle to find the perfect bikini for their holiday.

Check out these gorgeous bikinis for summer 2016:


Which one's your favourite?

If you’ve got one of these lovely bikinis, we want to see your holiday snaps!

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