The Swimwear Edit! 14 SENSATIONAL Pieces For Every Body Shape!

Whether you're pear-shaped, curvy, slim, tall or petite - bikini shopping can be a nightmare. Here are some top tips in choosing the right beach assemble for you to help you look fantastic this summer!

Your winter coat has been banished to the loft, you have moaned, 'ooh, it is a bit hot actually... a bit too hot' at least twice and strawberries are finally in season. Summer is here. (Hurrah!!)

Whilst we can get fully onboard with light evenings and barbecued chicken wings - we all know the struggle of choosing something lycra and minuscule to parade around the beach in. Especially if you are anything like us and were surrounded by chocolate smothered purple foil at Easter and can never say no to a bread basket...

Important bit You are fabulous already and will look gorgeous no matter what you wear to the beach. But, if you want a helping hand in feeling more confident and emphasising your favourite bits, then Closer Online have got you covered. (Probably more so than the typical two piece as well!)

Best bikinis for big boobs

If you are blessed with gigantic basoomas, then you are going to need a bikini with plenty of support. Say yes to upderwiring and no to flimsy triangle tops. We advise you also opt a bikini that sells the top and bottom separately, so you can be sure that it fits properly. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit. (Oh apart from food poisoning on a couples holiday with one bathroom, but you get the gist.)

1. Red bikini top, £25, Very

Red bikini bottoms, £18, Very

2. Fishnet bikini top, £20, ASOS

Black bikini bottoms, £12, ASOS

3. Bikini top, £18, Evans

Bikini bottoms, £12.60, Evans

Best bikinis for big bottoms

Whether you have been doing the squat challenge religiously whilst watching EastEnders or have been blessed with a naturally large derrière, then it is important to pick a swimsuit that will flatter you.

Choose a bikini brief with thick sides and avoid those tie up strings! You need support, love. Also be wary of brazillian cut briefs that will leave you pulling out a wedgie every five minutes. Not your most attractive look.

4. Bikini top, £20, River Island

Bikini bottoms, £14, River Island

5. Bikini top, £16.99, New Look

Bikini bottoms, £9.99, New Look

6. Bikini set, £25, Pretty Little Thing

Best bikinis for 'love handles'

Opting for high waisted bikini bottoms can disguise the dreaded 'muffin top' (the only muffin we aren't in to, FYI) by pulling you in and giving a gorgeous silhouette. Yes please.

7. Bikini top, £12, ASOS

High-waisted bottoms, £16, ASOS

8. Bikini top, £14.99, New Look

Bikini bottoms, £9.99, New Look

10. Bikini top, £12, Pretty Little Thing

Bikini bottoms, £10, Pretty Little Thing

Best swimwear for a round tummy

If the thought of bearing your midriff has got you in more of a sweat than last Thursday's Zumba session, but you definitely don't want to look like a frump - then look no further. This season it's all about the one piece, which not only looks fab, but also gives your body a contoured look. Pick a one piece with a gorgeous strappy detailing, or a plunging neckline and you'll be able to wear it again with a pair of jeans on an evening. Anything that can help us with packing less, gets a thumbs up from us...

11. One piece, £22, Topshop

12. Red sexy rashie, £113, Une piece

13. One piece, £38, River Island

14. swimming costume, £12.99, H&M

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