How to match your handbag with your outfit!

With Christmas party season just around the corner, celeb handbag designer and founder of By M, Maria Marigliano Caracciolo tells us how to coordinate your look

  • One of the best tips my grandmother gave me is to always try and match your handbag with your shoes or belt. It's also a great way of getting a flash of colour to any outfit.

Jessica Alba teams her colourful outfit with a classic black handbag

  • It’s all in the detail. The metals parts of your handbag should match your jewellery. Never wear gold and silver together – they clash!

  • On a totally black outfit add some sparkle. For night time glittery bits and shiny accessories are perfect to brighten up your look - as well as touches of bright colour such as red or pink. The only handbag colour forbidden with a completely black dress is a dark brown. It never looks good!

  • Classic beige and light brown bags will always add a touch of timeless elegance to your day time blue or grey outfit for the office.

Classic cream, beige or light brown bags add a touch of timeless elegance

  • With jeans the choice of your handbag can define your mood. You can have fun matching the denim with everything from a maxi black sporty bag to a mini coloured clutch.

Handbag designer Maria Marigliano Caracciolo handcrafts her clutches from her customers' favourite books

  • With multi-coloured handbags, the general rule is that one colour of the handbag pattern must match your outfit. If you are brave you can mix two patterns; a flowery handbag will general match any dress with a geometrical pattern fabric. But one last tip: it doesn’t necessarily work the other way round!

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