How to pull off winter wedding guest dressing!

Stylist and Visual Merchandiser at Chi Chi London Sophie Wood tells Closer how to pull off glamour at a festive Big Day

  • Don’t flash the flesh. You’ll be at a church where you have to look respectable

  • Go for head gear – it’s not often you get to wear a fancy head piece so when you do go for one colour, a little bit of netting and a colour that compliments your outfit

  • Don’t wear head-to–toe black. Broken black is acceptable but if you wear block black you run the risk of attending a funeral ceremony instead of a wedding!

Try different colours like this wine-coloured dress from Chi Chi London

  • Do check with other attendees are wearing. It will give you an idea of what everyone is going for, what is and isn’t acceptable for that type of wedding and also reduces the possibility of wearing the same outfit as someone else.

  • Don’t upstage the bride. This is rule number one that umbrella’s the following points: no OTT lace, no white, no full length gown, no full length white gown and no dress with a train.

  • Wear faux fur in winter. Dodge shivering in a cold church and wrap up warm and stylish in a faux fur stole.

Kendall Jenner loves teaming her festive outfits with faux fur

  • Wear your dancing shoes. It’s a long day with a lot of standing up and down, dancing and posing. Wear something comfortable or pop a pair of roll up sandals in your purse to give your feet a break during the day

  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable. It would be a shame to spend the day breathing in too much, tugging up or down your dress or always checking the zip hasn’t broken.

  • Have a clutch with detachable strap. Save hassle of holding a bag while taking pictures or dancing and get a cutch with a detachable strap. Detach when posing, attach when dancing – simple!

Chi Chi London has an amazing selection of winter wedding guest wear

  • Invest in a good manicure and pedicure. Feel good from head to do with a well-pampered mani-pedi and make sure to match the colours to your outfit!

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