Amanda Holden reveals £9 secret to glowing skin


Amanda Holden reveals £9 secret to glowing skin

The star's youthful appearance turned heads during auditions for Britain's Got Talent

Amanda Holden has always been open about her cosmetic enhancements and we’re pleasantly surprised her latest beauty secret can be picked up from the local chemist for less than a tenner.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge says her glowing complexion is down to a £9 cleanser beloved by fellow celebs Charlize Theron, Zoe Salanda and Olivia Wilde.

Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser is perfect for women with dry, sensitive or compromised skin – it’s soap-free, fragrance free and non-comedogenic (so it doesn’t block your pores).

Although she "swears by Cetaphil", Amanda admitted she’s bumped Botox in favour of collagen facials that claim to slow down the ageing process.

"I gave up Botox after I had Hollie, for the last three years I haven’t bothered.

"Instead I’ve been having collagen wave facials with a wonderful lady called Nilam Patel to plump up my skin."

Collagen facials deliver ultrasound or radio waves into the underlying layers of the skin, encouraging the body to produce healthy, new proteins to replace the ‘old’ collagen.

Gwyneth Paltrow has undergone similar ‘heating’ treatments that have taken "years off" her sun-kissed skin.

Many dermatologists swear that collagen creams, treatments and injections deliver results but the youthful elixir doesn’t come cheap – starting at £150 a session and rising to over £1,500 for longer-lasting effects.

Amanda's other top tip for a "mini face-lift" is none other than the UK’s number one brow treatment, HD Brows. At only £35, it’s another little trick to restore some much-needed glamour and glow.

Amanda’s plump cheeks haven’t gone unnoticed during the latest round of auditions for BGT, prompting speculation on social media that she's really undergone dermal fillers or something more radical.

Reps for Amanda deny she's had fillers or any serious surgery. In the meantime, Amanda's basking in the glow of her youthful appearance.

She said: "Even Simon Cowell keeps looking at me and saying: ‘What have you had done? Who do I need to see? Who are you seeing that I’m not seeing?’ It’s one amazing things to my face."

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