Chanelle Hayes shows off hair transformation: Click to see

The brunette lightens up for summer - and it looks GORGEOUS!

After her recent interview with Closer discussing body confidence and weight gain, the former Celebrity Big Brother star has hit back at the body shamers once againin the best possible way. She's traded her safe brunette look for a subtle ombre shade and long, bouncy waves that fall delicately about her chest.

She doesn't look like THIS anymore...

But more like this:

Stunning - if you've got it, flaunt it!

And we LOVE her new look - isn't it perfect for summer? Although many of her Twitter followers seemed to be focused on something other than her new 'do:


Chanelle recently spoke to Closer how she adores her new plus size shape, saying she's the happiest she's ever been with her body image.

"I’m really embracing my body – why should there be so much emphasis on weight? You can look and feel good at any size!

“Besides my priorities have changed. Blakely is at school and I’d rather be at home with him in the evening than at the gym. There are more important things in life than what size you are.”

And of course the trolls of the internet decided to attack Chanelle for her new look, but the Big Brother star hit back as always:

We're loving her new locks and her new attitude.

Chanelle called it right on Insta:

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