Cheryl’s hairstylist Wendy Iles’ tips to get the perfect Hollywood locks

Award-winning hairstylist Wendy Iles, who has worked with Cheryl, Rita Ora, Keira Knightley, Marion Cotillard, tells Closer how to get that A-List look

Preparation and ensuring the hair is in good condition is key when I work with my celebrities. So firstly, wet hair and apply ILES FORMULA SHAMPOO, lather then rinse thoroughly. Follow by applying ILES FORMULA CONDITIONER to the mid lengths and ends before combing through the hair and rinsing through.

How To Get Perfect Waves:

The base you put in the hair is everything… So take your time and be sure your hair is thoroughly dry before tonging. Take clean sections (use a comb with a long thin end preferably a tail comb, to help to make the clean sections) and be sure the ends of the hair don’t double back over when tonging and clipping as this will create what is known as fish hook ends! Keep those ends cleanly wrapped before pinning in place. Apply a pea sized amount of ILES FORMULA FINISHING SERUM to dry hair. Tong hair in vertical (not horizontal) sections toward the centre back, then take each section and wrap hair around two fingers, clipping into position until hair is completely cool. Brush the waves through and then finish them with a large tooth comb to add texture.

Hollywood hairstylist Wendy Iles has also worked with Kate Hudson

How To Preserve Waves Overnight:

Pull hair back into a low ponytail. Tie a soft band at the base of the pony and anchor the hair band on the first, second and third wave consecutively. Twist the ends round the base and pin into place. Alternatively, twist the low pony tail and clip into place on the top of the head, making sure to keep the ends flat with the clips. In the morning take hair down and run fingers through with a pea sized amount of ILES FORMULA FINISHING SERUM.

Less Is More:

Less product is more in regards to styling products. Stay away from hairspray and foams as a clean ‘base’ allows for better hair memory. Finish with ILES FORMULA FINISHING SERUM for protection against humidity and to deliver that signature Iles Formula ‘spun silk’ feel. The suppleness the finishing serum brings to the hair allows hold in whatever form you place in the hair. It’s your everything and all you need.

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