Five Ways to Maintain Your Hair between Salon Visits

There’s no better feeling than when you just walk out of the hairdressers with beautiful locks, but unfortunately unlike the stars not all of us can make this a daily thing!

Closer caught up with Akin Konizi, International Creative Director of HOB Salon on her top tips to make your gorgeous locks last longer.

1) Protect your hair from heat

Firstly, it’s essential to invest in a good professional heat protector. Hair dryers and straighteners are great, but they take the natural moisture out of your hair and can dry it out, that’s why salons will always use a heat protection product and so should you. I recommend Trillant by Sebastian Professional (£20.30) because it adds a lightweight shine, while still offering thermal protection – double win! Apply it to damp hair all over, paying special attention to the mid lengths and ends. Always blow dry in a downward motion, as this helps stop the cuticles from opening and keeps the hair soft and smooth. Use with top heat and medium speed at the roots and a lower heat, medium speed on the ends to avoid splitting.

2) Keep your colour looking fresh

It’s no secret that keeping your colour feeling salon fresh isn’t the easier thing as it’s mainly affected by hair growth. However, hair that’s in good condition maintains colour better, so quite simply, keep it hydrated and you’ll have vibrant colour for longer. You should also invest in true semi-permanent colour shampoo like Wella Professional Colour Fresh (available in Wella Salons Nationwide) but make sure you have a consultation before purchasing this.

Abbey Clancy takes care of her luscious locks

3) Pamper at home with a hair mask

Any hairdresser will tell you you should be using a hair mask at home at least once a week! Our hair takes a lot of stress with our day to day life- chemical, heat and styling- even going from a hot to cold environment, and hats and scarves affect the condition of our hair. A hair mask will replenish what we take out of it and will leave it smoother and shinier.

4) Using Oil for Bad Hair Days

Our Hair is porous, which means it is affected by the moisture in the environment around us. In spring, we see longer and brighter days but the mixture of damp and warm weather opens the cuticles, leaving us with unwanted frizz! If your hair does change texture then using a serum or oil like New Sebastian Professional Dark Oil (RRP £30.40) will help add moisture to your lengths and ends and stop those strays

5) Don’t delay your next appointment

It’s all too easy to avoid booking an appointment at the hair salon, perhaps to save some money or just because we don’t always have time. Realistically though, nothing beats professional service. I always say that hair is like a hat you wear every day and is the most constant accessory we wear. If you want to look good, it’s so important to stick with your hair appointment schedule. With the rise of home hair colours and treatments, it might seem like a cheap and easy alternative, but there is no comparison to the years of training and experience your hairdresser can offer – not to mention the chance to take time out for yourself.

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