Get the Look: Oil-Slick Hair

We’ve seen ombre, pastels and unicorn hair trending this summer, but for autumn 2015 the real look you need to be channeling is oil-slick hair.

Unlike other trends that work much more effectively on blonde hair, this look is designed for dark tresses (brunettes rejoice.)

Recreating the look of oil when it mixes with water, this is actually easier to recreate than you’d think.


What you need to do to create this look is:

  • Start with a dark base. If your hair is naturally black or dark brown you're all set, otherwise you might want to tone it down further.
  • When hair is clean and dry, divide into sections and layer the dyes accordingly. Hairdressers who have tried this trend recommend layering blues and greens on deep purples to get that 'oil slick' look.
  • After washing the dyes out of your hair, make sure you use a moisturising conditioner as your hair will be dried out after all the dye.
  • For extra shine, use a glossing spray or serum and you've got your look down.
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