Get Michelle Keegan's perfect bleach blonde locks for the summer


Get Michelle Keegan's perfect bleach blonde locks for the summer

Michelle Keegan unveiled her new bleach blonde locks at Wireless festival, taking the 2016 blonde trend to the next level. Now SALON SCIENCE™ ambassador Andrew Jose tells Closer how to get it right!

Taking this dramatic turn from dark to light is definitely not for the faint hearted. Not only does maintaining the regrowth take a lot of commitment but the chemical process of bleach on the hair can be damaging. But here are some tips on how to master the transformation:

⁃ Bleaching takes hair to a very raw colour state. Try to embrace the tones of your blonde and adapt the shade using a toner to bring out golds or introduce ash colour layers.

Singer Rita Ora is also a massive fan of bleach blonde hair

⁃ To achieve the bleached blonde look and keep your hair as healthy as possible always ensure that it is done professionally. Your colourist will know not to overlap bleach on the hair. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, the purest of blondes will need to have root maintenance every two weeks.

⁃ It is absolutely essential to use protein enriched products which add strength to the hair. Swiss Grape Range from salon science to add strength to the hair shaft and prevents breakage. There are many benefits of using leave In Products that stay on the hair shaft and continue to work after application. SALON SCIENCE™ Swiss Grape RECORRECT™ Leave in treatment (£14.00 contains a complex rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that binds to the hairs surface to boost hydration and protect hair from UV and heat damage. SALON SCIENCE™ Swiss Grape REGLOSSE™ Smoothing Serum (£12 then acts as a top coat for hair, giving a healthy shine while adding restorative proteins.

Bleach blonde hair is one of the biggest summer trends

⁃ Another really great way to keep your bleached hair in top moisture filled condition is to apply a hair masque twice a week.It is essential to use masques to nourish and hydrate hair so always use masques after shampoo but before conditioner. This is because shampoo works to rough up the cuticles creating the perfect absorbing environment allowing the masque to penetrate the cuticle to repair and nourish from within. Leave the Masque on the hair for 3-4 minutes to ensure that the ingredients penetrate into the hair shaft.

Salon Science has a range of products to help maintain bleached hair

⁃ If hair is dehydrated, then a moisturising masque such as the AquaCacteen HYDRASORB Intensive Masque (Boots £14.00) is key. Or if hair is thin, brittle or fragile hair then the Swiss Apple CELLUTENSIVE Masque (£19.00) is a great option. The Swiss Apple formulation works as a wakeup call for follicles by targeting and rejuvenating the hair bulge stem cells enabling them to keep working efficiently for stronger, healthier and younger looking hair.

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