How to get red carpet ready from the Hollywood experts

After being wowed on the red carpet by an endless string of glamorous celebs, Hollywood stylist Denise Weaver, A-List hair gurus Lauren Clark and Andrew Jose, celebrity St Tropez tanner Katrina Brown and make up artist Lacey Broughton, tell Closer how to get the look


Stylist to the stars Denise Weaver, owns Pistol & Stamen, the go-to fashion showroom for red carpet looks in Los Angeles. She and her team have outfitted celebrities including Blake Lively, Gisele, Taylor Swift, Gina Roderiquez and Miranda Lambert. Denise gives us her top tips on how to choose the perfect dress

Denise Weaver

  1. The perfect style really depends on your height and body type so be sure to showcase your figure and not overwhelm with fabric.

  2. One of the most important things you can do is tailor your dress. It will offer an exact fit and offer you loads of added confidence. It can also make an inexpensive dress look like you spent much more for a fraction of the price.

  3. Select the dress style based on favourite body feature. If you love your legs, keep the hemlines hiked. If you love your curves, wear a fitted fabric and style that will land all eyes precisely where you want them.

  4. Prints (especially florals) are popular for spring but if you’re feeling a little “extra” and want to appear on the slim side, darker colors make any figure look smaller.

Olivia Wilde


St Tropez celebrity tanner Katrina Brown gives us some tips on how to avoid a tango tan!

  1. Always customer blend a color to suit the individuals skin tone.

  2. I recommend only enhancing someones skin tone a few shades darker as we never want anyone to look like they had a spray tan. The skin should have a natural glow.

  3. Always exfoliate the evening before your airbrush tan- i love the St Tropez body polish for this because it is not too rough on the skin.

  4. Moisturize after every shower to ensure the tan natural fades and last through the pre award events and also through to the Oscars and post parties also.

  5. A top up tan is popular for people to maintain their perfect shade of bronze- i recommend the St Tropez gradual everyday tan. Only apply this once in a week after your professional tans so as to avoid build up of layer of tan on the skin as this only leads to a patchy skin finish at the end of the week.


Hollywood hair stylist Lauren Clark shows us how to get the celebs favourite look straight from the beach which can work with any length hair

Lauren Clark

  1. Use a curling iron or wand and alternate patterns to create a soft wave. The trick is to leave out the ends so they stay straight.

  2. Spray Apres Beach up into the hair creating volume throughout the strands. Add a bit of cream on the ends to soften and some superfine spray as needed. I try not to use heavy product. The hair needs to be weightless.

  3. Styling products are key. My favs are Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine spray, Oribe Superfine Hairspray and Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Cream

Kate Winslet


Celeb hair guru and Salon Science brand ambassador Andrew Jose gives tips on how to create red carpet volume

  1. Start in the shower. Use an amplifying and volumising duo like Salon Science Swiss Apple Celluluxe Shampoo (£12 Boots) and Conditioner (£15 Boots). An injection of youthful vitality to hair by activating cells from the root to protect and nurture stem cells from within the follicle. Use conditioner only on the ends to avoid limpness at the roots.

  2. Flip it - When blow-drying, simply flip your hair upside down and work your fingers around the scalp, while aiming the hairdryer at the roots to use the forces of air and gravity to rev up body.

  3. Root Boost- The product you work through your strands after the shower is crucial. Keep away from heavy serums that can weigh down fine hair. Instead, use a root lifter such as Salon Science Swiss Apple Cellumax Volumising mousse (£15 Boots) perfect for hair that can’t afford to be weighed down by heavy formulas.

  4. Backcomb- Most celebrity hairstyles with effortless-looking body have been back combed at the crown. Start by prepping with a root lifter for a volumized base with workable texture. Then tease the root of the hair with Lee Stafford Big Fat Backcomber brush for £3.99.

  5. For a quick pick-me-up throughout the day, flip your hair upside down again and fluff the roots with fingers to help reawaken volume at the base.


Make up artist to the stars Lacey Broughton shares her top five red carpet beauty tricks

Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Always have a pop of colour, weather it be on the eyes or the lips

  2. Be careful when using translucent powders, some of them can cause flashback or whiteness on the face in photos

  3. Skin is in. Use a toner with some sort of gentle exfoliation properties paired with a good moisturizer and a illuminating primer before foundation. The skin will be smoother a dewier and will need less foundation.

  4. Powder contour is much easier to achieve than using multiple concealers or foundations, and can also give a softer more natural look while still being affective.

  5. When doing a bold lip always use a lip liner, try lining it after you have already applied the lip colour. It will be much smoother, easier to apply, and the lip colour and liner will wear at the same time avoiding any ring around the mouth when the lip colour begins to fade.

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