How To Get The Ultimate Beach Worthy Waves

No need to jump in the sea to create beach worthy waves; we show you how you can easily create them at home!

The key to the ultimate tousled locks is the addition of salt spray - creating a natural kink in the hair.

Here’s a few of the best for under £10!


Now you’ve got yourself sorted with some salt spray here’s how to create your wondrous waves:

1. Firstly wash your hair, making sure you don't use too much conditioner. To create the best bouncy waves, you want the hair to be as light as possible so it's not weighed down.

2. Next, towel dry your hair for a minute or so, then flip your head over and spritz your chosen salt spray from the middle of your hairs length to the ends. This technique means the roots don’t become coated and left looking oily.

3. For a super natural beachy loose look let your hair dry naturally and scrunch every so often to keep the waves. But if you want more of a statement, voluminous look, blow dry your hair roughly whilst scrunching up from the ends throughout.

4. Once your hair has completely dried you can either keep the waves tight and more put together, or run your fingers through them to loosen for a more relaxed boho vibe.

5. Finish off the look with a spritz of light to medium hold hairspray.

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