Hair Tutorial: How to get a Cinderella inspired vintage up-do


Hair Tutorial: How to get a Cinderella inspired vintage up-do

To coincide with the launch of Disney’s Cinderella on DVD this month, we took some inspiration from everyone’s favourite fairytale princess - by getting a hair do worthy of Cinders herself.

Create your very own Cinderella inspired half up-do with this tutorial.

Get Cinderella's golden curls with this tutorial
How to:

  1. Prepare your hair piece by twisting the hair and plaiting it over each other to form a rope braid
  2. Divide your hair into four sections with a central parting dividing the top of the head and two sections in the back
  3. Using either a curling tong or hair straightener, curl the hair at the back of the head and clip each section into place leaving it to cool
  4. After curling the back move on to the front two sections and divide each side of the parting into 3 strands, curling each towards the face
  5. Release all curls and back comb at roots on the top of your head to provide grip for the rope braid
  6. Position the rope braid on top of the crown and take hair from the side of the face to cover up the side of the braid and clip to secure the rope braid
  7. Add a sprinkling of hair spray

Closer Online get the Cinderella treatment
Section clips
Hair Spray
Curling Tong
If you wanted

Styling by Disney.

Cinderella is available NOW to buy on Disney Blu-Ray TM and DVD.

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