How to make your hair extensions look real

Fake it this festive season as hair extension entrepreneur and former TOWIE star Lauren Pope shares her top tips to achieving a flawless finish with faux hair pieces

Long and luscious locks are no longer reserved for shampoo ads as hair extensions from the synthetic to the swish-able are widely available.

But you don’t need your own personal hair stylist to ensure your hair pieces look natural, Lauren Pope – who owns Hair Rehab London – is sharing her mane masterclass with Closer…

Choosing the right colour Always match your colour in natural daylight if possible or if you’re using a photo, then use a photo without a flash or filter as this alters the true colour of your hair. It’s also worth keeping in mind that even if you don’t get an exact match, a close match will still look great and blend in nicely.

Going natural If you are want a natural look, opt for either human hair clip-ins or professional bonded extensions applied in the salon. These can be styled like your own hair so will have a more natural look and feel.

Getting a quick fix If you can’t afford human hair pieces or aren’t confident about styling your pieces try a synthetic hair pieces which is pre-styled so it’s literally a case of applying them and your look is complete.

Making it match If you’re buying extensions for a special occasion such as a Christmas or New Year’s party, it’s great to have an idea of your outfit so you can choose your hair style to work well. For example, a high neck dress always looks fierce with a sleek pony but a plunging neckline works better with a down do.

Being bold with your look Don’t be afraid! People can sometimes be sceptical about extensions as they think they won’t be able to use them properly or that they won’t look natural

Visit prices start from £9.99 synthetic hair and from £94.99 for human hair

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